Passenger Protection Options for Bus Drivers

Model 1 | January 2, 2023

A woman wearing a disposable face mask on a city bus

Bus fleet owners can upgrade vehicles to offer better passenger protection against germs and airborne viruses. Below are some popular options that are offered through a partnership with Model 1 Commercial Vehicles and Freedman Seating.

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The clear guards have become a more common sight in various venues and they can be a great addition to a bus as well.

Options that are built from certain soft vinyl are UV and mildew resistant while remaining easy to clean. The material remains flexible as needed, but won’t create a laceration hazard or a hard impact surface.

Bus operators can easily replace the passenger guards, but riders won’t be able to remove them. Passenger guards offer a layer of protection without becoming a hassle for operators to maintain.


The grab rails on bus seats can be a hotspot for germs. After all, multiple passengers can be touching them all day long!

The solution? A grab rail cover.

Grab rail covers built from Dimensions Nanocide vinyl with embedded silver contain natural antimicrobial properties. A standard charcoal color is able to pair well with a variety of seat designs and colors without becoming an eye sore.

It’s easy to add these grab rail covers to your bus seats and easy to remove them in order to clean and disinfect them.


Make social distancing easy for bus passengers thanks to seat bands. These handy bus accessories are able to keep a seat from being used and ensure that passengers are properly spread out from each other.

The seat bands are built from a fabric that is both anti-microbial and moisture repellent. Designed with a vivid orange color, they are easy for passengers to see and easy for bus operators to add to the seat.

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