Bus Tip Tuesday: 4 Tips on How to Pick the Best Bus

Model 1 | January 17, 2017

Bus Tip Tuesday: 4 Tips on How to Pick the Best Bus

Bus Tip Tuesday: 4 Tips On How To Pick The Best Bus

For this very special Bus Tip Tuesday, we want to share with you what the most important features are when buying a new or used bus that can brave the elements with you on your next venture.

Buses can even make excellent recreational vehicles with the right modifications because they’re roomy enough to accommodate all of your passenger’s carry ons and all special needs requests. The benefits that a bus offers make for an enjoyable and memorable experience.  Here’s what you need to remember:

  1. A great bus needs to have a big enough interior to comfortably fit everything your passengers bring. It is also important to consider how many passengers you’ll have on your average bus stop to pick the right size bus.
  1. Consider your location and if you will need the design of the bus to have a stable center of gravity so that you’re not likely to rollover while riding on bumpy roads like you could in other vehicles. For example, our remodeled MV-1 vehicles offer lots of extra stability.
  1. The engine must have some real strength. Otherwise, your bus could get stuck on bad roads if the weather suddenly turns bad. On top of that though, you need a balanced engine with enough fuel-injection power to match its number of cylinders. In other words, a V6 engine needs more than two liters of fuel-injection to power it. Choosing a bus or transportation vehicle with the right engine helps you avoid lots of problems, especially overheating issues.
  1. Extra features can add value to your bus fleet and add to our target audience. Think of the features you value most like individual TV screens, leather seating, USB ports, heating and cooling, or mood lighting. Looking for something in luxury? Check out this amazing new standard in luxury buses.


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