Buying the Right Wheelchair Accessible Bus

Model 1 | February 21, 2020

Buying the Right Wheelchair Accessible Bus

Obtaining ADA transportation for your operation doesn’t have to be overwhelming. At Creative Bus Sales, we’ll make it simple for you to become an expert on ADA compliant transportation options. In addition to standard vehicle specs to consider, ADA transportation in particular needs to adhere to stringent safety standards and simultaneously provide ease of usage for all passengers. Creative Bus Sales offers some tips below to help facilitate your search for ADA approved transportation. You can also visit our website to search through our inventory of ADA compliant vans and shuttles for your operation:

Choose the Right Number of Passenger Seats

As with any vehicle purchase determining the number of passenger seats will need to be high on your list of priorities to optimize the number of vehicles needed on your fleet. In addition to the number of available wheelchair seating, most vans and shuttles can accommodate additional passenger seating as wells. Take a headcount of every person you need to accommodate and depending on the number of passengers, you can consider transit options with flexible and modular floorplans. Driverge’s SmartAccess van can ensure wheelchair and non-wheelchair passengers alike have a safe and secure space to sit. The SmartAccess features a Smart Floor Tracking system to reconfigure seating arrangements based on changing needs. Driverge’s patent SmartFloor technology offers vans with floor plans that feature an L Track, half smart floor, or full smart floor for modular seating arrangements. >>Explore Driverge Inventory<<

Address Driving Concerns for Wheelchair Drivers

If the wheelchair user is also going to be the driver, some adaptive aid technology will probably be required. Safety is always the priority behind the wheel, both for passengers in the vehicle and commuters. Today’s adaptive aid technology facilitates accelerating and breaking for wheelchair drivers.

Choosing the Right Wheelchair Option

ADA shuttles and vans can come with different wheelchair accommodations. What you need can depend on how much assistance your driver can provide during onboarding and deboarding times. For example, a wheelchair lift can effortlessly load a wheelchair without requiring too much assistance from the driver. Manually-operated ramps simply slide out or are attached to the side. Unlike automatic wheelchair lifts, these ramps avoid costly repair in the future. The all-new Braunability Dodge Simple Stow Ramp offers an innovative stowaway ramp that quickly tucks away into its in-floor compartment and leaves the wheelchair entry unobstructed. >>Explore BraunAbility Vehicles<<

Other shuttle options employ mechanical ingenuity to gently lift the wheelchair ramp from the ground to be level with the floor of the vehicle. The Champion LF Transport features a cutting-edge Equalizer Ramp™ that auto-levels for a completely smooth ramp for wheelchairs.  Choosing the right type of wheelchair can depend on the type of chair involved and who’s in charge of loading.

Other important features can include tie-downs and seat belts. Even with the brakes deployed, wheelchair security is paramount to prevent the wheelchair from sliding around. Keeping everything and everyone secure is an essential part of driving safety, so making sure there are enough tie-downs is a must.

Take as Much Time as Needed

Acquiring ADA transportation for your operation isn’t a process you’ll want to rush. The final decision is going to have serious impacts on everyone in the vehicle and expediting a decision can incur unforeseen drawbacks in the future. There’s a lot to choose from here at Creative Bus Sales. There are a lot of options on the market. Ask for help, do plenty of research, and don’t settle for anything that doesn’t ensure you’ll have exactly what you need on the road. We invite you to enroll our experienced product experts as they would be happy to help with every step of the process.

Visit our inventory pages to begin your search today and get one step closer to finding the right ADA compliant van or shuttle. Contact us with any additional information you might need.