Casino Vehicles Build A Loyal Customer Base Through Shuttle Services

Model 1 | July 22, 2015

Casino Vehicles Build A Loyal Customer Base Through Shuttle Services

If you want to encourage tourists to visit your casino, one simple way to get the crowds you want is to offer a shuttle service. Everyone wants to have a great time when they are out gambling. They certainly don’t want to be worrying about finding a designated driver or limiting their drinking so they can drive themselves home. You can help them have a great time and get home safely, by offering them a ride.

Some casinos offer a free shuttle service and ask that the riders stay and play at their casino. Others charge a small fee, but reimburse part of the ride fee with a gaming credit. Offering special benefits like a shuttle service will help you build player loyalty.

You may be able to partner with other businesses in you area and offer the shuttle services together with special entertainment packages for your guests.

Finding Casino Vehicles is not as complicated as you think, but there are a few things to keep in mind. Buying local may not always be your best bet, a local dealership may have just one or two buses to show you, and they are not used to inspecting and selling buses. If you purchase from a bus dealership, like Creative Bus Sales with a large inventory and years of experience, they can give you an accurate description of the new or used bus you are purchasing, its features, overall condition and safety. Plus, purchasing your bus from a bus dealership isn’t inconvenient, because they can offer bus delivery. Make sure you are offered a warranty with your bus purchase and that your salesperson can offer you a history for the vehicle.

If you want to purchase from the Nation’s largest bus dealership, please contact us. We can let you know the kind of features to look for and what other casinos have been able to offer with their vehicles.