Safety First: Buses for Your Daycare

Model 1 | July 14, 2015

Safety First: Buses for Your Daycare

When a parent drops their child off at a daycare, they want the very best experience for that child. They want to know that their child is safe, that they are going to be encouraged to learn and grow in character, and that they will be better for the experience. No parent ever wants to have to worry that something might happen to their child in a daycare facility.

A great option for providing peace of mind to parents is a school activity bus. When a daycare takes a group of children out for a field trip or get-together, safety is the number one concern. A bus that is set up correctly is one of the best ways to ensure that everyone is protected while they are on the road.

Why Choose a Bus?

A van is a popular option for many childcare facilities, but they hold fewer children. If you have a large group, a bus is a great choice. Keeping everyone in one group ensures that everyone is always accounted for. When transporting a larger group, a bus just makes more sense.

School buses are specifically designed to be safe on the road. They are built to avoid accidents, as well as prevent injuries, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. In fact, a daycare that uses a van to transport 11 or more children must ensure that their van meets the safety requirements of a school bus, or they cannot use it for their business. Buses are the standard in child safety.

Happy Parents, Happy Staff

When parents are happy, everyone is happy. A customized, professional daycare bus for transporting children to events puts safety concerns to rest. Not only will parents feel more at ease, they will be more willing to pay a higher price for their children to attend at a quality location with such a luxury. Reliable transportation at a facility means that more outings such as visiting museums, zoos, and other places where learning is encouraged. Staff will also feel more at ease knowing that all the children in their care are in one vehicle, as opposed to taking two vehicles that are not big enough to hold an entire class.

When selecting a vehicle to transport children for a child care center or daycare, weighing the options is an important first step. A bus is an excellent choice for safety, ease of use, and for putting forth a professional, quality appearance for your business. We have many new and used buses for sale to suit your company’s needs. Please contact us today to discuss the many options we have available including Starcraft buses, Ford buses, and Champion buses.