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Commercial Van Buying Guide

Model 1 | July 29, 2022

A row of commercial vans parked in front of a building.

Looking to buy a commercial van? The following buying tips can help make the search easier.

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1. Choose a Fuel Type

The most common fuel types for commercial vans are electric, gas, and hybrid. Each fuel type comes with its own benefits and drawbacks.

Electric commercial vans are easier to maintain, run more quietly, have a lower environmental impact, and have more steady fuel costs.

Gas commercial vans have a lower sticker price, are faster to refuel, and are more convenient to refuel.

For a more in-depth breakdown of the fuel types, check out this article.

2. Determine the Needed Passenger Capacity

It’s important to match the commercial van’s passenger capacity to your company’s needs.

Get a van with too few seats and you’ll end up making multiple trips to get everyone transported or miss out on potential customers. Both situations can hurt company productivity and result in financial losses (either due to excessive fuel costs or missing out on revenue).

On the flip side, an unnecessarily large van with more seats than needed can be problematic as well. A bigger commercial van weighs more, which means it will burn through more fuel traveling the same distance. A larger van can also be more difficult to handle, more time-consuming to clean, and more challenging to store.

Many commercial vans will accommodate between 4 and 14 passengers. Think about the ideal passenger number for your company, then shop accordingly.

3. Consider Accessibility

Before buying a commercial van, it’s important to factor in the vehicle’s accessibility.

For example, is the vehicle wheelchair accessible? Does the commercial van need to be able to fit multiple wheelchairs? Would it be better to have a model with a wheelchair lift or a manually-operated ramp?

For more in-depth advice on shopping for accessible vehicles, check out this article.

4. Build a Budget

Commercial vans come in a wide range of price points. It’s important to avoid overspending and creating a budget can help.

Take a realistic look at your company’s finances and determine how much money can be responsibly allocated to a commercial van purchase.

One way to stretch a budget a bit further is to shop for used vans. These vehicles will be sold at a fraction of their original price point. Depreciation takes its toll, even if the van was well-maintained and hardly driven around. It’s possible to find a like-new commercial van for a much more affordable price.

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