Creative Bus Sales Provides and Services 100% Electric Buses for Schools

Model 1 | November 16, 2017

Creative Bus Sales Provides and Services 100% Electric Buses for Schools


Zero-Emission Buses to improve Air Quality and Reduce Fuel Costs for the Colton Joint Unified School District



Colton Joint Unified School District (CJUSD), in San Bernardino County, California is on the road to sustainable student mobility with the delivery of two all-electric, zero-emission, American-made Type C Starcraft eQuest XL school buses from Creative Bus Sales, Inc.

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Here is what Vice President of Operations for Creative Bus Sales, Mark Matijevich, had to say about Creative’s vision for a sustainable future:

Creative Bus Sales in Chino, CA is the nation’s largest bus distributorship.  It is proud to sell and service the all-electric buses we inaugurated at the Colton Joint Unified School District.

On behalf of my organization, I appreciate being based in CA, a state whose agencies have been defining the frontier in their approach to relieve air pollution where it’s needed most and specifically for our citizens who need it most, our children.

Diesel trucks and buses make up 4% of vehicle traffic BUT they are responsible for a quarter of vehicular greenhouse gas emissions.  Air pollution is known to be associated with childhood asthma and other diseases.  Creative Bus sales thanks the South Coast Air Quality Management District and CARB for their leadership and for enabling bringing clean transportation to Colton.

Creative Bus Sales is also proud to be a part of the team which has brought these Starcraft eQuest XL buses.



Besides reducing emissions, electric buses will decrease operating expenses for fuel by as much as 85% and cut maintenance costs by two-thirds.  With fewer moving parts, reduced need for lubricants as well as a lower need for brake replacement – electric buses are both lower maintenance and quicker to maintain. They can be charged during off peak hours to save even more.


Creative Bus Sales is located in close proximity of Colton and is working closely with the Colton transportation team to ensure that the buses offer all the benefits we planned.  We are truly excited to be a part of this partnership.

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