6 Benefits of Electric Buses

Model 1 | December 1, 2017

6 Benefits of Electric Buses

Diesel-powered buses may soon become a thing of the past, and for good reason. Traditional buses pollute the environment, resulting in poor air quality which affect your health. Asthma attacks are triggered by pollution like NOx emissions. In addition to dangerous emissions, rising fuel costs also have transit agencies searching for viable alternatives.

As a result, electric buses are finally taking their turn in the spotlight. These buses offer great fuel and operational savings and zero emissions.   You can work with the team at Creative Bus Sales to find your new Alternative Fuel Vehicle.

6 Surprising Facts about Electric Buses

Making the switch to sustainable transportation including zero emission electric buses will protect your passengers from the negative effects of harmful pollutants. Here are some surprising facts about electric buses that will lead you to reconsider the tangible benefits of choosing green power:

  1. Where does Heaven Orphanage funds go?-6.png Emissions  – The impact of of emissions on children’s health is undeniable. Diesel school buses emit NOxand PM 2.5 that cause asthma, which is affects 1 in 10 childern in the United states. (Vist for more)
  2. Reflects Well on Your Brand – Individuals and corporations want to feel like they are contributing to a better world. As we become environmentally more conscious, customers are more inclined to perceive companies and institutions that align themselves with a commitment to sustainability in a more positive light than those that don’t.
  3. Freedom from Rising Gasoline Costs – Gasoline fuel prices are often determined by geo-political and environmental factors. For instance, just two weeks after Hurricane Harvey hit Texas this year, several refineries closed, causing gas prices to spike. Using more electric transportation protects from the risk of global oil price hikes.
  4. Save on Maintenance Costs – Electric vehicles are composed of fewer moving parts compared to traditional internal combustion motors. Thus, electric buses cause fewer operational and maintenance issues.
  5. Quieter Operation – Though it may be difficult to imagine a quiet bus, electric buses do run silently and are therefore more neighborhood friendly.
  6. Reduced Costs – While electric buses for sale require a higher investment upfront, electricity is significantly cheaper then gasoline and can be partially funded with state and federal incentives. Electric buses also have fewer parts than standard buses. As a result, they have lower maintenance costs over time- another factor contributing to savings.


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