Top Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Church Bus

Model 1 | January 18, 2018

Top Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Church Bus

For many communities, a church bus symbolizes more than just a method of transportation. Buses are a convenient way to help children get to and from programs that help them discover and practice their faith, aid in mission trips, allow parishioners to attend church events, and more. At Creative Bus Sales, we understand that all church communities have a unique set of needs. It is our mission to provide each of our customers with  high performing luxury vehicles that meet your requirements, and more.

4 Things to Consider When Shopping for a New Bus

Many church administrators come to us without much of an idea about what they want and need from their bus. Here are some tips to consider from the pros at Creative Bus  Sales:


1. Passenger Needs

The type of bus you need will strongly depend on the type and size of the parish you intend on transporting

around. Is the bus expected to carry a high volume of small children or seniors? If your church bus will be regularly used by these individuals, consider the height of your vehicle. Buses are typically built elevated off the ground for safety reasons but they will also feature lower steps and a center aisle for easier of access. Additionally, factor in whether your passengers will require a wheelchair ramp or lift. Finally, keep in mind the travel distance, as some buses are better suited for longer or shorter distances than others.

2. Driver Qualifications

In the US, drivers are required to obtain a special license called the Commercial Get the right Driver Driver’s License (CLD) to legally transport goods across the country. Any vehicle carrying 16 or more passengers, including the driver, must possess a CLD. For churches that do not have a designated driver with a CLD and want more than a standard van, a 15-passenger bus may be the solution. Bear in mind that CLD requirements may vary by state. Learn more about how to get licensing for commercial vehicles here.



3. Safety Features

Unlike passenger vans, buses are at a lower risk of rolling over. The National Transportation Safety Board has repeatedly stated how unsafe 15-passenger vans can be to the extent that many insurance companies are hesitant to insure them. Buses are a much safer alternative as they are designed with steel cage construction, impact beams, and feature dual rear wheels for extra security. In addition to safety features, look for a bus that comes with other amenities including overhead storage, heaters, and comfortable seating for a safe and enjoyable ride.

4. Budget

While buying a church bus may be a significant investment, the benefits far outweigh the initial costs. With its own bus, your parish will have the ability to easily connect with other members of the community. Since a bus is not a personal vehicle with limited use, you are better off purchasing a new bus in the long run it is safer and more reliable than a used one. If you have a tight budget, we offer in-house financing options to help you afford your purchase.

Find Safe and Reliable Transportation for Your Church at Creative Bus Sales

If your church is in the market for transportation, you have come to the best place. Since 1980, Creative Bus Sales has grown to include 20 sales and service locations across the US, making us the largest bus distributorship in the nation. We have built strong relationships with our manufacturers which allow us to provide you, our valued customers with high quality products and fast delivery at an affordable price.

Tips for shopping for a new Church shuttles

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