Don’t Get Stuck! Why a Mini Bus Is Great for the City

Model 1 | June 27, 2014

When city transportation comes to mind, a bus is not the typical mode of transportation that comes to mind. However, a smaller more compact option is available for most any transportation need. A mini bus is a maneuverable, narrow body configured vehicle specially designed to handle needs of those who desire smaller transportation. Let’s explore a few reasons why a mini bus is a great option for city-based transit companies.


Mini buses boast a great advantage over their larger counterparts; their compact size. The height of these vehicles is lower than traditional shuttle buses and typically ranges from 19 to 22 feet in length. A short bus has a narrow body of approximately 82 to 88 inches; only about 10 inches more than the average American car. Thanks to this compact build a minibus can navigate more roads than a larger bus and perhaps better than some vehicles or vans.

More Parking And Drivable Routes

Though it’s not advisable, the smallest bus can fit in an average parking space. Even if you can’t fit in that parking garage you may have more pick up and drop off locations. The benefits of being able to tell your customer that you can pick them up closer to their destination, rather than making them walk, will certainly be a plus. With more accessible options, you’ll be able to cater to a wider variety of clientele.

Wheelchair Accessible Too!

No matter whom you serve, it’s important to think about the clients you’ll serve and the requirements they may have for transportation. Carefully consider if you need or want to add a wheelchair lift to your short bus. Doing so will open up your customer base and be great for travellers.

Not Your Mom’s 15 Passenger Van

Some companies might opt for a 15-passenger van, but this may not be the best option when hauling passengers. The passenger count only refers to the potential seating capacity. In truth, these vans are designed to haul cargo and materials to a worksite while seating is an afterthought. Poorly distributed weight leads to an increased chance for fatal rollovers due to the extra pressure on the left side of the vehicle. A mini bus, on the other hand, has the stance and suspension package to safely move people and their luggage. The presence of a center aisle evenly distributes the weight across the passenger area greatly decreasing the chance for a rollover.

Though safety is the biggest concern, comfort is always on the mind of the potential bus buyer. While the seating arrangement is certainly safer, it is also much more comfortable. Instead of a single point of access to a bench, passengers have the choice of which side they will be on so that those who are disembarking sooner don’t have to struggle over their fellow passengers.

It’s Easy Being A Green Bus

Whether or not you decide to use compressed natural gas (CNG), propane, gasoline, or diesel, you will be helping the environment by reducing the number of vehicles on the road. When you have fifteen people on board, that is up to fifteen fewer vehicles on the road. If you’re using your bus as an employee transporter, you can ensure that you don’t lose valuable work-time because your people are stuck in traffic.

Mini buses are an economical way to go for your company. By reducing the amount of cars pulling into the parking lots, you can reduce the amount of parking area needed as well. Many large companies use these buses to shuttle their customers or employees from place to place. Perhaps it’s time you started looking at these compact buses for your company as you maneuver through the city on a daily basis.