Don’t Let Bus Financing Keep You from Updating Your Fleet

Model 1 | September 27, 2014

Fleet operators know when to assess their bus inventory and replace outdated equipment. Anyone who has worked in the industry knows waiting too long for an update can be the death knell of a company. Older buses can become unsafe, unreliable, and inefficient through regular wear and tear. Maybe small updates have been made but it is time for an investment in a new bus. Let’s face it; bus financing is not a task to be taken casually.

Whether replacing one bus or part of a large fleet, it is pertinent to find the best finance solution. Traditional finance outlets that do not understand the bus business can be cumbersome to work. Even after jumping through hoops it may be that the final offerings do not fit your organization.

One mistake companies make to speed things along is to accept the easiest and first rate or structure they come across. Rarely does this benefit either party. Messy payment structures and confusing terms can make for problems down the line. With many vehicle payments to manage, it is essential to choose one that will form well with current systems. The key to any bus financing is to seek a knowledgeable representative.

Without proper experience for bus financing, a company can be left with more questions than answers. One option is to choose a team that knows how to handle both purchase and finance; a one-stop-shop solution. Then you’ll be able to take advantage of the following and tailor them to fit your bus fleet:

  • Retain purchase option when lease expires
  • Owning vehicle at lease end
  • Return equipment at end of traditional lease
  • TRAC lease to purchase vehicle or walk away
  • Traditional financing to own equipment
  • Municipal tax exemption options, for qualifying buyers

Choosing one of these bus finance routes give you a lot of options. It’s possible to spread your lease over time or simply stick to a more traditional buying process. Once you find the solution that fits best with your fleet, there is no doubt you’ll want to use it for future purchases.

With a variety of choices, it is easy to find the perfect fit. Possibly, the best part about this combination of services – buying a bus and financing through the same company – is that you never have to go anywhere else. You can continue to fulfill your finance, purchase, and service needs through the same trusted outlet. Relationships will develop that make the whole process much more manageable, and perhaps enjoyable. It’s convenient, reliable, and will save money in the long run.

If you would like to find out more about bus financing, bus purchase, or how to combine the two in a seamless manner, contact us at Creative Bus Sales. We are happy to help.