Luxury Tour Bus: Not out of Reach

Model 1 | September 30, 2014

Luxury Tour Bus: Not out of Reach

Many fleet operators for hotels, touring companies, and resorts think a luxury tour bus is an out of reach option for them and their fleet. If approached in an appropriate manner, a luxury tour bus can be a great benefit for a company. Flexible payment options and versatile layout options can help most anyone upgrade their transportation options. Explore a few points below to determine if your touring company can benefit from such a purchase.

Pick A Versatile Layout

Many options are available in the luxury bus market. Think about the needs of your most trusted clients and adapt accordingly. Seating is not easily changed once the bus is built. It’s important to make certain that aspect is on target. The most popular options are:

  • Individual seating with aisle, akin to traditional bus layout
  • Limo bus seating with beverage cooler
  • Table group seating

Once the bones of the bus are in place, it can then be easy to add amenities customers will appreciate, such as entertainment systems.

Don’t Convert the Entire Fleet

Tour and hotel operators may think they need to substitute every one of their vehicles for the luxury option. This is not the case. Buy one unit or replace one of your current units with the upscale option. Until an operator knows what their clients want, it is not essential to replace an existing fleet.

When reviewing purchase options, make sure the most flexible option is chosen. Those unsure if they will keep the vehicle for more than a couple years should consider a lease option. Leasing is flexible and a business can choose from the following terms to:

  • Operating lease: Return at end for best short-term option
  • TRAC lease: Decide to purchase vehicle for agreed upon amount or walk away
  • Lease purchase sale agreement: Own the vehicle at the end of lease
  • Lease purchase option: Can buy or return purchase at end of lease

Leasing can be desirable for operators unsure of their final plans. The right lease structure will allow

companies to return their equipment with minimal risk. Choosing a flexible payment structure and lease is essential. Work with a reputable company to ensure the best benefits are chosen.

Decrease Monthly Payments

Getting to most for a buck is important in the business world. Financing can be a tricky spot that most do not think they can negotiate. However, the right dealership will offer flexible options for their clients. Working with the finance department is the best way to ensure needs is met. One simple trick to reduce the monthly payment is to start with a larger down payment. Since the dealership and finance company are getting more money at once, they may be more willing to adjust payment structures. Even if that’s not the case, simply ask what the best options are out there for your current business budget.

Now armed with the basics, its time to begin the search. Choosing a bus is no easy task. In certain cases it can take weeks or months to finally find the perfect luxury tour bus. In the end, the search and careful consideration are worth the effort.