Luxury Tour Bus Sales: Essential Buys Part 1

Model 1 | October 4, 2014

Luxury Tour Bus Sales: Essential Buys Part 1

Executives look for mobile ventures that are easily available for current fleets. Expanding fleets with luxury tour bus sales is essential to providing clients what they want and need. Corporate conveniences are mandatory in the vehicles that shuttle individuals for private meetings, conferences, and out of town travel. Part one of luxury tour bus sales will focus on the Meridian Sprinter and benefits it can provide to luxury tour bus operators.

The Mercedes-Benz approved Meridian Sprinter Bus is the go to vehicle for tours and shuttles that require sophistication. Options expand for the most demanding clients. Comfort and reliable service attract, while fuel efficiency assures owners a fast return on their investment.

Meridian buses exterior can be white, black, or silver to fit current fleet requirements. Inside, various floor plans and seating capacities accommodate all for resort, tour, and airport needs. For example, airport shuttles have perimeter seating with 80-inch, two-tier luggage racks in the rear of the bus. Stadium seating, limousine seating, and paratransit seats are also available with or without luggage storage.

Safety features in every Meridian contain LED interior aisle, step lighting, and a emergency exit portals. A back up alarm system can be installed to better assist drivers when the vehicle is in reverse. Additionally, the Meridian Sprinter is maneuverable. It can travel on routes and roadways not accessible to larger buses, thereby increasing curbside and door-to-door service. Also consider upgrades for each Meridian:

  •   Mobile WIFI
  •   GPS navigation
  •   Skylights
  •   TV monitors
  •   Satellite TV
  •   DVD player
  •   Route or designation signs
  •   Custom luggage racks and compartments
  •   Briefcase and laptop rack

VIP clients expect high-end amenities that meet their lifestyle. A luxury tour bus is an essential addition to an upscale fleet. The demand for the buses is high; consider taking advantage as soon as possible. Utilizing one or two luxury coaches will boost client base and raise profits, to keep bus operators moving in the fast lane.