Finding the Right Minibus: Like Winning the Lottery

Model 1 | December 23, 2014

Finding the Right Minibus: Like Winning the Lottery

Recently, an article appeared in the Northamptonshire Telegraph about a day center in Wellingborough, England that received money from a big lottery fund to help them purchase a needed minibus. They felt truly rich because they could now continue to reach out and help members in the community. The lottery may not be an option for many organizations today but, with the different types of financing options available they can still feel as if they’ve won by choosing the best vehicle to suit their travel needs.

How to Begin

Minibuses hold between seven and 14 passengers and in most states do not require a commercial driver’s license. It’s always a good idea to check first to see whether certain permits will be needed and to determine exactly who is qualified to drive. A budget needs to be in place to decide between new or used transportation. Although new may be a preferred choice, used vehicles can be a suitable, quality standard.

Safety is First

When searching for that right minibus there are many options to suit different needs. Although each manufacturer uses different processes in their construction, they all must meet a set of safety standards before being available to the public. Always check for minimum safety requirements such as dual rear wheels and steel cage construction. Dual rear wheels create greater stability. Some also have steel beams placed every few feet in the sidewalls and in the roof, to provide added protection.

Seat Comfort with Low-Maintenance is Key

When taking a trip across town or across country, having seats that are comfortable and require little cleaning is important. The two basic choices are cloth and vinyl. They both are good investments but just need to be handled a little differently. Cloth seating is comfortable because it can provide a bit more cushion and most stains, such as mud and ketchup, wipe off pretty easily. More serious stains however, may require a bit more elbow grease. This is why vinyl seating is preferable on some units because it cleans up easier and does not retain odors to the extent cloth does. It just depends on which is more practical to suit travel needs.

Financing is an Option

When a final choice has been made, it is not necessary to break the bank when making this purchase. There are one-stop finance and lease sources out there and some offer more choices than others. Doing additional research will help find the right one. If additional help is needed, just contact the sales department to explain what minibus features are required, what type of budget is available and ask as many questions as needed.

Making the decision to own a vehicle that provides safety, comfort and affordability can now make transportation a reality instead of just a distant dream. When that minibus purchase is finally made, it will be just like winning the lottery!