Reliable Minibus Transportation for Church Community Organizations

Model 1 | December 16, 2014

Many community church organizations look for ways to help improve the life of those in surrounding areas. Adequate transportation is a great concern for senior citizens and families who may not have access to reliable transportation. Charity leaders look for alternatives to help members of the community overcome their hardships.

Benefits of Community Church Transportation

One way community church organizations have found to help with transportation is by purchasing a minibus. Church leaders have found this to be a great investment.  The helping hand leaders either employ a person to drive, or find volunteers. However, the ultimate goal is to get people in the community to their appointments, church, and local events.

Community church organizers have found that individuals who are able to get to their appointments, and attend some type of recreational activity during the week are in better health and tend to have a boost in their morale. If an organization is looking to improve the transporting needs of the community, it would be beneficial to consider purchasing a vehicle that all could use.

Funding for Helping Hand Transportation

Organizations that do not have the funding for transportation could consider sponsors, as well as having a fundraiser to raise the money needed for the purchase. Purchasing the vehicles from the right place also means having them ADA compliant, which means people who require wheelchairs are able to ride as well. A community will benefit greatly by having adequate transportation always for their use. Ultimately, the decision to purchase a vehicle should be made with the needs of the people in mind.

Consider the Needs of the People

The need of the community might be smaller than a bus. If that is the case, then there are minivans that might suit the organization better. The van will transport a smaller group of people, but they are also equipped and designed to carry wheelchair passengers as well. A van is a great asset to have when transporting a couple of people at a time.

Benefits of Reliable Transportation

Other benefits of having a community-based bus or van would be to give the people a recreational outing from time to time. For instance, during the holidays people may want to get together and travel out of town to an event or church activities. People also enjoy getting together during the warmer months for a church picnic, a day at the beach, or other activities.

Operation of Minibus

Many community leaders have found it is important to have a couple of people in charge of the transportation department. These people will oversee the care and scheduling of the vehicles. Persons responsible for transportation will implement a schedule. Depending upon the type of vehicle purchased will determine the occupancy of the bus or van. The transportation team can determine how they will keep up with mileage.

No matter how one looks at it, the positive outweigh the negative on whether or not to purchase a vehicle for a church and their community.