Fleet Maintenance Tips

Model 1 | June 29, 2022

A fleet of white buses parked in a row.

Fleet Maintenance Tips

  • Proper fleet maintenance leads to many benefits, including:
  • Reduced fleet repair costs.
  • Fewer visits to a service department.
  • Reduced money lost to vehicle downtime.
  • Extended vehicle lifespan.

Use the following maintenance tips to keep vehicles in optimal condition. For fleet repair and service needs, reach out to the experts at Model 1 Commercial Vehicles

Match the Vehicle to the Purpose

It may sound overly simple, but too many people drop the ball on this one and it can lead to problems.

An over-spec’d vehicle can generate unnecessary (and otherwise avoidable) costs. An under-spec’d vehicle can face sped up wear and tear, which increases fleet repair costs. Take a realistic look at the demands that a vehicle will face and make sure to choose the correct vehicle for the situation.

Conduct Regular Inspections

Look over each vehicle on a regular basis for signs of damage, broken parts, excess wear, and outdated parts. By catching issues early, you can keep them from turning into a larger (and more expensive) problem.

Make sure to look over the many parts of the vehicle, including the lights, brake system, and filters. Pay extra attention to the tires. After all, tires affect many aspects of the driving experience, from a vehicle’s handling to fuel efficiency.

Those with larger fleets can consider requesting regular driver reports. Have the drivers do their own inspections while on the road, such as measuring tire pressure. This spreads out the responsibility while helping to keep drivers more aware of their given vehicle’s maintenance status.

Keep Vehicles Clean

A dirty vehicle is more than an eyesore. It can be more susceptible to rust and early deterioration. Take the time to properly clean your vehicles sooner rather than later.

Check the Manufacturer’s Recommendations

Look up the suggestions set by the vehicle’s manufacturer. There may be specific maintenance tasks to do or to skip – as well as certain products to use or not use. Following these recommendations can help optimize fleet maintenance and reduce the need for repairs.

Choose the Right Service Department

It’s important to find a service department that you can trust for your fleet repair and service projects.

Look for these key things:

  • Knowledgeable staff. Focus on OEM factory-trained and ASE certified technicians.
  • Access to parts for fleet repairs. Model 1, for example, has multiple parts warehouses throughout the nation.
  • A variety of services. Streamline your fleet maintenance by choosing a one-stop shop.
  • Good reviews. See what other customers said about their service department experience.

Fortunately, Model 1 offers all of the above – and much more! Let us handle your preventative fleet maintenance, repairs, parts replacements, and anything you need. Reach out today to find out more or schedule a service appointment.