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Electric Van Buying Tips

Model 1 | July 29, 2022

Two white electric vans parked in a parking lot.

Looking to add an electric van to your fleet? Use the following buying tips to make the shopping process easier. Then, check out the selection of electric vans for sale at Model 1.

Get the Full Picture of the Cost

When shopping for a vehicle, it’s important to create a budget. Determine how much you can realistically spend, which will eliminate a large number of models from your search.

With the purchase of an electric van, remember to look into tax incentives. Buying an all-electric vehicle can result in federal tax incentives and, depending on your location, state or local tax incentives.

Keep in mind that electric vans will have lower maintenance costs and lower fuel costs than their gas counterparts. This lowered operational costs can allow you to buy a higher priced electric van.

Determine the Needed Range

Electric vans can only drive for so many miles before needing to be recharged. Think about where you will be recharging your electric van and how far away that will be from your daily driving route.

It’s important to note that various factors affect an electric van’s range. For example, there can be some battery capacity loss at colder temperatures (usually around 20 degrees Fahrenheit) or when traveling at higher speeds on the highway. Be sure to include these factors when estimating your needed electric van range.

Here, a balance is key. Too low of a range can result in wasted time due to frequent recharging stops as well as stress about completing the route in time. Too high of a range can result in overspending on a heavier and higher powered battery than was necessary. Focus on the needed range for your routes and for getting to the charging station.

Consider Passenger Capacity

Electric vans can range in their passenger capacity, with many options able to fit 10 or more passengers. Think about how many people the electric van needs to fit, then shop accordingly.

Consider Accessibility

Not all electric vans are wheelchair accessible, so it’s important not to assume that a given model will be.

Be sure to verify the accessibility and available wheelchair positions of a given electric van, making sure that it will suit your target customers.

Consider a New Electric Van

Electric vehicle technology is rapidly improving from year to year. By choosing a new electric van, you can take advantage of this! The latest models will come with the latest features – and offer a longer lifespan as well.

Want help choosing an electric van? The experts at Model 1 are happy to help. Tell us your budget and your needs, then we can suggest the most compatible models. We proudly serve those throughout the United States.