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Benefits of Buying a Van

Model 1 | July 29, 2022

Two people using a wheelchair ramp on an accessible van.

Vans are known as light commercial vehicles. They are an increasingly popular option for businesses due to their many advantages.

Read on to discover the unique benefits of vans. For more information or to explore vans for sale, contact the experts at Model 1.

They Can Easily Navigate Around Cities

Vans are smaller in size than many other commercial vehicles. This can make finding a parking spot or tackling a tight turn much easier. Vans can even be driven right up to a customer’s door, which is increasingly important as more and more people utilize online shopping.

They Can Be Used in Many Different Industries

The design of vans leads to impressive versatility.

Common uses include:

  • Construction work.
  • Ambulances.
  • Rescue operations.
  • Mobile workshops.
  • Postal services.
  • Passenger transportation.

These are just a few of the many options!

They Can Carry Multiple Passengers

Vans range in their passenger capacity, but many models can accommodate over 10 passengers. This is ideal for those in the transit industry needing a cost-effective vehicle to add to their fleet.

They Offer Protection for Cargo

Not all cargo should be exposed to the elements. Unrelenting sun rays can lead to excessive heat, color fading, and so on. Moisture buildup from rain can cause extensive water damage. Poor weather can take its toll on certain items!

Fortunately, a van offers great protection. Cargo gets loaded up inside the van’s enclosed spaces where it’s shielded from the outside conditions. The exact storage setup will depend on the specific model, but often includes interior storage or rear storage.

They Can Come in Gas, Electric, and Hybrid Options

Different fuel sources are better for different companies.

Some businesses may prefer gas vans due to the lower upfront cost, the quick refuel time, and the easy access of fueling stations.

Other businesses may prefer electric vans due to the lower operating costs, reduced maintenance, reduced emissions, and more stable fuel costs.

Other businesses may prefer a hybrid model, which can offer perks from each fuel type.

Whatever your preferred fuel type is, there will be plenty of available vans to match!

They Can Be Easier To Find Than Other Vehicles

Supply chain issues are predicted to have a huge impact on the transit industry, which we discuss in this article. One key result is that obtaining certain vehicles, such as buses, may become more and more challenging. Vans can serve as a viable alternative for companies who need more vehicles for their fleet and aren’t in a position to wait long periods of time before a bus becomes available.

Got questions about using vans for your company’s needs? Want to explore vans for sale? Whatever you need, the friendly staff at Creative Bus Sales is here to help. We operate multiple dealerships throughout the United States.