Buying Guide

Gas vs. Electric Vans

Model 1 | May 30, 2022

A red gasoline dispenser facing a white electric vehicle cord.

Is a gas or electric van a better fit for your company?

It depends.

Both vehicles offer unique perks. Your ideal match depends on your priorities, such as lower upkeep costs or easier refueling.

Keep reading to learn more, then check out the gas and electric vans for sale through Model 1.

The Perks of a Gas Van

Lower Upfront Cost

A gas vehicle will cost less to buy than a comparable electric van. This is especially relevant for companies with tighter budgets.

It’s important to note, however, that technology for electric vehicles is continually improving and becoming more cost-effective. The price difference between gas and electric vans is decreasing over time. Plus, tax incentives for electric vehicles can also help defray the higher cost.

Quick Refuel Time

It only takes a few minutes to fill a gas tank. A busy van driver can appreciate the quick refuel time, especially if they log many hours on the road.

The refuel time of an electric van depends on the given model. Some vehicles can recover around 80% of their energy in 20 minutes. As the battery approaches capacity, however, the charging time slows down.

Ease of Refuel

Gas stations are found all throughout the country. Van operators won’t need to look for long in order to find a nearby station.

Electric vehicle recharging stations are increasing in number, but they are still much less common than traditional gas stations.

The Perks of an Electric Van

Reduced Need for Maintenance

An electric van is much easier to maintain. There are no oil changes to keep up with, no exhaust system to break down, and so on. Some parts, such as the brakes, also have a longer lifespan.

Reduced maintenance also means reduced downtime. Fleet vehicles will be able to be on the road for longer, which helps a company’s bottom line.

Quieter Operation

Electric vans have a lack of engine noise. This can make the ride more relaxing for passengers as well as the operator. While this may not be a reason alone to buy an electric van, it’s certainly a nice perk!

Reduced Emissions

Electric vans are much better for the environment due to the lack of greenhouse gas emissions. This can be a helpful addition to a company’s eco-friendly goals or programs.

More Stable Fuel Costs

Gas prices can change drastically from month to month, but the cost of refueling an electric van is usually more consistent. This can make budgeting much easier!

Need help choosing a van? Ready to buy a gas or electric van? Whatever you need, the experts at Model 1 are here to help. Our friendly staff can answer questions, give advice, and make the shopping process as easy as possible. Reach out today to get started.