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Comfort Tips for Bus Travel

Model 1 | April 22, 2022

A man is sitting on a bus, comfortably using his laptop.

Before the Bus Ride Pack Strategically for Comfortable Bus Travel

To get sleep on the bus, pack:

  • A blanket.
  • A neck pillow.
  • Earplugs.
  • An eye mask.

To stay healthy, bring:

  • A water bottle.
  • Healthy snacks.
  • Hand sanitizer.

To fight boredom, consider:

  • Books.
  • Video games.
  • Podcasts or audiobooks.
  • Movies or TV shows.

Plan to Arrive Early

Start a day of bus travel off right by arriving at the bus station early. This helps prevent pre-boarding stress. There will be enough time to locate the right place and even grab a drink or snack to go.

Set Out Comfortable Clothing

Clothing plays a role in how comfortable (or uncomfortable) a bus ride becomes.

Focus on clothes that allow for a range of movement, such as stretching at a rest stop. For example, leggings or sweatpants work well.

It’s also wise to wear multiple layers. If the temperature shifts, it’s easy to adapt and stay comfortable.

Don’t forget about footwear. Focus on supportive walking shoes and consider compression socks.

During the Bus Ride

Pick the Right Bus Seat

For a more comfortable bus ride, try to sit towards the front. There will be more fresh air and it will be easier to get off during rest stops. Plus, the back of the bus tends to have a bumpier ride.

If possible, choose a double seat. Buses do not always run at full capacity and the extra space leads to a more comfortable bus ride.

Focus on Proper Posture

Slouching can put extra pressure on a given part of the body, which can lead to discomfort and pain. Sit up straight as much as you can. It’s also helpful to change your seating position to keep your blood flowing.

Limit Caffeine

It’s important to stay hydrated in order to enjoy a comfortable bus ride. Caffeine can dehydrate you and increase the number of needed bathroom breaks. Try to avoid caffeine if possible and focus on drinking plenty of water instead.

Get Out at Each Stop

Take advantage of every stop. Get off of the bus, stretch, walk around, and get your blood circulating again. This helps prevent legs from falling asleep and helps prevent fatigue before you even arrive at your destination.

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