Cleaning Your Bus in 2022

Model 1 | March 16, 2022

A person holding a bucket of cleaning supplies.

With the arrival of a new year, it’s important to look over your bus cleaning strategy and update as needed. We gathered up the following tips for cleaning your bus in 2022 below. For more advice or to shop for buses for sale, contact Creative Bus Sales.

Focus on High Contact Surfaces

Pay extra attention to high contact surfaces in the bus, which can get dirty and covered with contaminants much faster. These include stability poles, stability bars, windows, and window ledges. Clean these areas more frequently.

Remember the Floors

Dust and contaminants can build up on the ground, become airborne, and get on other surfaces…which then will need to be cleaned.

Try to avoid using a mop if possible. A mop simply collects the contaminants, which can then build up on the mop.

A better approach is to use a vacuum to remove the dust before it can become airborne.

Remember the Air Vents

Contaminants can get into the vent system during the cleaning process. They can then get pushed out once you turn on the air conditioning or heating. Be sure to thoroughly clean air vents when you clean the bus.

Use Two-Step Cleaning Practices

Step one is to clean the bus and remove the buildup. This prepares the surfaces so that the disinfectant (step two) can work well. Use one set of towels for cleaning and another for disinfecting.

With the disinfectant, make sure to dilute it per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Handle Difficult Debris

A bus can get stuck with a variety of difficult debris:

  • Trash lodged between the bus seat and the wall: Remove with a wooden paint-stirring stick.
  • Gum: Remove with a razor blade. If there is any residue left, use a goo remover.
  • Mildew: Wipe with bus hot water and bleach. Leave the windows open until the bus is fully dry.
  • Writing with a pen or marker: Apply rubbing alcohol and leave for a few minutes, then rub off. If there is still writing left, use an oil-free makeup remover, nail polish remover, or goo remover.

For all your bus-related cleaning needs, Creative Bus Sales is here to help. Our experts can keep your bus running well, help you pick the next bus to add to your fleet, and much more. We operate 23 dealerships across the country and are the nation’s largest bus dealer.