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Questions To Ask the Dealership When Buying a Bus

Model 1 | March 15, 2022

A woman asking questions to a man at a desk when buying a bus.

A dealership is a great resource when buying a bus. The dealer knows the ins and outs of the bus industry as well as specific models. Asking the right questions can help make your shopping experience much easier. Instead of spending hours on research, the dealer can give you personalized recommendations to consider.

We’ve already discussed some key questions to ask a dealership, but here are more important questions to ask.

What Type of Bus Best Suits My Needs?

There are many different types of buses that are built for different needs. An easy way to narrow the search is to select one type of bus, then start looking at specific models.

Tell the dealer about your budget, the current buses you own, and what you need from your bus purchase. The dealer can then suggest the type of bus that is most compatible for your situation.

Which Brands Do You Recommend For My Needs?

Some bus manufacturers focus on keeping the price low and offer models with more simple designs. Other bus manufacturers prioritize the latest and greatest features that lead to optimized performance, fuel efficiency, and so on.

Talk to the dealer and see which bus manufacturers best line up with your given priorities. Some of the most popular bus brands are Starcraft and Glaval, but there are many other brands as well. A dealer will help you navigate the many choices and find the right fit.

What Are the Advantages of Buying a Bus From You?

Different bus dealerships will have different perks. Find out what the benefits are for going with a specific dealer.

For example, Creative Bus Sales offers the largest in-stock inventory, industry-leading pricing, and flexible in-house financing structures.

What Is the Timeline for Buying a Bus?

It’s important to understand what the timeline will be like from buying the bus to getting the bus. A general rule of thumb is that it takes about a week from the transaction completing to the bus being delivered, but it’s good to get a time frame estimate for your specific purchase.

Ready to shop for buses for sale? The experts at Creative Bus Sales are here to answer questions and make the shopping process as easy as possible. Reach out today to get started.