Guide to Discovering your Prison Bus Needs, Learn more now!

Model 1 | November 9, 2016

Guide to Discovering your Prison Bus Needs, Learn more now!

A Quick Guide to the Features of the Latest Prison Buses for Sale

When reviewing the marketplace and selecting from the latest prison buses for sale, it’s critical to understand the core features available to your organization. Our team here at Creative Bus Sales has comprehensive marketplace experience and we’re working with prison transportation teams to ensure they have access to the highest quality vehicles available on the market today. Within this latest post we’ll provide the benefit of our years of experience a guide to the features of the latest prison buses for sale.

Security Features

A leading consideration for any prison bus vehicle is the security features available. We’ll start by addressing the leading options for keeping your transportation team and your inmates safe as they are transported across the country. These features include:

  • Protected windows

The steel bars and mesh on prison vehicle windows can help keep teams safe by preventing inmates from breaking the windows on the vehicle.

  • Driver partition

Something that sets apart out Prison buses in partitions to separate occupants and guards. In each of the leading models of prison buses for sale the driver partition is a critical security feature. The driver must be protected from the vehicle occupants and must be separated to prevent distractions. It’s important to look for a partition that includes a spit guard with a small window that can be lowered to ensure optimal communication while in transit.

  • No Interior Door

Lack of access to an interior door prevents inmates from leaving the vehicle. Only those outside the vehicle and the driver will be able to help the inmates exit the vehicle safely. This is a key factor when insuring the security.

Durability Features

Investing within any vehicle requires the buyer to consider the durability of the product and the value it will provide over the long-term. Below are several of the durability features that should be considered when buying prison buses.

  • Heavy-Duty Seats

The seats within the vehicle should be built to protect against wear and tear. This means that tough construction from heavy-duty material is a clear consideration when buying a prison bus.

  • Ease of Maintenance

In order to ensure the vehicle is in optimal performance condition for the long-term, vehicle operators must buy vehicles that are easy to maintain. This mean choosing vehicles with plastic walls and headliners.

Capacity Features

The vehicle should be designed to fulfill all transit requirements with an emphasis on comfort and security. This means that unique capacity features should be considered. These include:

  • Two-person cells

The two person cells in the leading prison buses help separate certain inmates from the general population within the vehicle.

  • Isolation cells

For in transit operations involving a high-risk prisoner, isolation cells may be required on board the vehicle. These cells prevent the passenger from accessing other parts of the vehicle.

Our team at Creative Bus Sales is now helping buyers across the marketplace access their ideal prison buses for sale. To learn more, speak with our team now at 866.948.0787.