Healthcare Facility Bus: Enhance the Patient Experience

Model 1 | July 15, 2014

Healthcare Facility Bus: Enhance the Patient Experience

In recent years, healthcare facility buses have increased due to more hospitals and other medical providers becoming more focused on the patient’s total experience. Medical care facilities, now, more than ever, are giving priority to quality and world-class care. Shuttle service is one of the patient services that healthcare facilities now offer to make the patient’s experience a pleasant one. The second largest hospital in the US, Florida Hospital Orlando, is one of those facilities.

Florida Hospital Orlando is an expansive medical complex that offers a variety of comfort services to its patients, including shuttle service. Via the shuttle bus service, patients are provided transportation throughout the hospital’s medical campus. Routes also service transport to and from neighboring medical facilities and hotels. The Florida hospital facility is one of many that have added shuttle service as a way of giving the patient comprehensive care from the point that they arrive at the facility until discharge.

Reduce Confusion

Some medical facility visitors find navigating expansive buildings to be intimidating. For these visitors, shuttle service is a welcomed relief from the stress of finding parking and walking from one building to the next to find their assigned medical office. Shuttle bus service acts as an extension of compassionate care. The service can also act as an assistive device for patients who suffer conditions that cause pain or are unable to drive safely to your facility.

Low Floor For Changing Mobility

Patients that visit a healthcare facility will have a variety of ailments. Whether patients are unable to walk up stairs or need the use of a wheelchair, there will be a bus available for their use. A low floor model with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant components will provide easy access for all passengers. The low angle ramp allows patients with wheelchair and walking difficulties to easily access their seats.

If you want to offer the best care to your patients, it’s important to realize the benefits of facility transportation to provide the best care.