Mini Bus Sales for Wine Country Transportation

Model 1 | July 19, 2014

Mini Bus Sales for Wine Country Transportation

Wine tours rely on being able to serve high-class clientele. Visitors can travel across the United States to spend time at wineries in California, Georgia, or even Texas. With any wine tour, travelling from winery to winery can be dangerous for visitors after the first few stops. However, 15 passenger van can be uncomfortable, while a limo can be unsafe and not provide enough seating or storage. One great way to ensure your guests safety and well being is to invest in a mini bus. Because of its compact size and ample storage capacity, the mini bus is a great option for those conducting and coordinating wine tours.

No Sour Grapes

Overnight tours and long haul wine trips require that passengers have ample space for a bottle of wine or two they want to bring home directly from the winery and luggage. You don’t want your payload capacity to be overexerted. In the confines of a 15-passenger van or limo, storage can be depleted very quickly.

A mini bus can be equipped with rear luggage to accommodate for wine and other souvenirs any visitor may bring. For up to fifteen passengers layouts you can accommodate for either an interior luggage rack or rear luggage storage. Either option makes it effortless for visitors to unload their belongings.

Uncomplicated Loading and Unloading

Buses are also convenient for wine tours because it is easy to quickly get everyone on board and unloaded. Reducing the time it takes your visitors to load and unload from the bus allows more time for visitors to enjoy the winery. During busy touring seasons, it’s possible to lose a scheduled spot if your visitors do not make it to the winery on time. Being able to load and unload fast is a bonus.

More Leg Room & Viewing: The Best Features

Another reason a mini bus is better suited to wine tours is the wide windows. Wine country is very picturesque, and many tourists will delight in being able to take pictures through large mini bus windows.

For those taller passengers, they’ll appreciate that they won’t have to crouch down in a 15 passenger van. 15 passenger vans and limos designed with bench seats have less than desirable leg room and cause awkward shuffling maneuvers when passengers board and unload. Mini bus individual seating style eliminates this awkwardness while getting seated. Two individual seats are placed on either side of the aisle with five seats or wheelchair seating to the rear. The layout provides ample walking and seating space for passengers to avoid tripping over their seat mates.

When you look at all of the mini bus features together, it’s no surprise that mini buses are the vehicle of choice for wine tours. They are a perfectly suited to hosting tours due to their versatility, easy access, luxurious comfort and storage space.