The Growing Trend of College Shuttle Bus Service

Model 1 | July 22, 2014

The Growing Trend of College Shuttle Bus Service

More and more college campuses are offering shuttle service to their students. Shuttle buses can be a determining factor for students attending your college or university from out of state. Students who don’t know their way around a new city will feel more comfortable knowing they can ride a shuttle bus service provided by their college or university of choice to navigate campus and their new town.

Colleges and universities that own shuttle buses often transport students to popular destinations and hubs for public transportation. When students know that the campus has a shuttle that will take them around town, they are more likely to leave their cars at home, creating a safer and more environmentally friendly campus.

Reduce Parking Woes

Regular shuttle service a great way to alleviate parking congestion on campus. When parking spots are scarce on campus students become frustrated and the administrators begin to consider what costly additions will be involved in expanding parking for students and faculty. A shuttle bus is a more cost effective investment than using valuable campus real estate. Routes can be directed to stop at dorm buildings, major off-campus housing units, the student center, and popular outlying attractions throughout town. With a reliable bus service available, students will feel more comfortable leaving their car at home during the school year.

Connect With Other Colleges

shuttle bus can also enable campuses of different colleges and universities within the same town to join. Providing service to outside universities encourages students to use the resources available to them at different campuses. Partnering with other learning institutions allows you to share the expense of the bus as well as the expense of drivers for the buses. Students from other colleges may be more likely to audit a class at your school if they know they can easily travel between the two schools.

Shuttle buses offer safe transportation for students, and parents always feel better sending their kids to a college or university that is actively invested in the safety of their students.

Utilizing college shuttle bus sales effectively is simpler than you think. A reputable bus dealership can offer you premium new buses, or pre-inspected used buses that will meet the needs of your campus. A quality dealership will have ADA accessible buses available that will help you offer transportation solutions to all your students.