Hire the Best: How to Choose a Driver for Your Tour Bus

Model 1 | June 5, 2014

Hire the Best: How to Choose a Driver for Your Tour Bus

After you’ve looked at tour buses for sale, located the perfect unit, and are ready to operate, you’ll need to hire a stellar driver. Choosing a driver for your tour bus business will be one of the most important decisions you can make. The temperament and professionalism of the tour bus driver can sometimes make or break the experience. Before selecting a permanent hire its important to carefully review a few factors.

Where Are the Drivers?

When searching for a reputable driver, there are a few routes you can take. Indeed, the most accessible is a job board. Posting your available position online will help you reach a wide swath of individuals. Know others in the tour bus business? Ask around and maybe they’ll be able to help locate a reputable source.

Check The Background

First and foremost you’ll want to verify the validity of their licenses and experience. If your state has a verification system in place, be sure to use it.

Then you should be able to find any reported blemishes on their background. Failure to adequately check their licenses may cause more damage later.

While you may sign off on their licenses, it’s always best to put in a little more effort to collect references. Ask your potential bus driver to submit at least three references. Doing so will help you gauge their experience level. Past employers will also be able to let in on certain aspects of their driving that can’t be reported to the DMV.

Go For A Ride

Now that you’ve checked the DMV and called your selected references, you want to see how they operate. Whether it’s around the block or around town, try to have your tour operator complete a road test with you in the vehicle. It’s best to take them around your busiest routes and your least crowded routes to get a sense for their driving style in both environments. On the ride you can experience first-hand if their driving style will match the personality of your passengers. After the ride is complete, you’ll be able to bring about any concerns you may have.

Safety Certified

One crucial step that is often overlooked is that of safety certification. If someone on your tour has an emergency, you’ll want to ensure they’re well taken care of. Make sure your new hire and current hires are all certified to administer CPR or first-aid. It will give your passengers, and yourself, a piece of mind when travelling.

Also remember to keep up-to-date and to not let the certifications expire. Classes will keep the techniques fresh and in mind.

Hiring a driver for your tour bus company is no easy task. There is a lot to ponder and many people to consider. Fully checking their background, driving habits, and manner will help you choose the best option for you and your tour passengers.