How You Can Solve Social Issues with Buses

Model 1 | January 11, 2016

How You Can Solve Social Issues with Buses

Imagine using large transportation vehicles to meet needs in communities in ways that are logical and highly noticeable. We’ve read about two organizations who have found creative uses for buses to serve those in need. These buses call attention to specific needs and publicly demonstrate the services of the organizations.

Lavamae, a nonprofit organization in San Francisco, California, has turned a bus into a portable shower for individuals in need. The bus has hygiene items ready for guests and serves people in various locations of the city, such as outside a library. It also features a creative exterior design with rain drops and the name of the organization largely displayed on the side. The website of the organization publishes the bus schedule so those who wish to use its services can easily spot it at regular stops in the city.

In addition, Occupy Medical in Eugene, Oregon uses a bus to provide basic medical services to under-served individuals in the community. The program offers mental health referrals, free haircuts, wound care, remedies, and other services. The boldly painted exterior features red and black words on a white background, similar to an ambulance or hospital, which is easy to identify from the street. In photos online, the bus displays a banner on the lower front that says “Affordable Healthcare for All!.” As the bus passes through town and stops by the sidewalk, people notice it and become aware of the organization’s mission.

It’s inspiring to see how people use buses to create change in communities. How would you transform a bus to help a social cause? Browse our selection of shuttles, buses, and other options. It’s simple to browse handicap options and vehicle capacity on our site. Choose to lease or purchase vehicles depending on your needs. For more information about the Creative Bus Sales inventory and financing services, contact us.