Brand Awareness: Use a Vehicle Fleet for School or Church Programs

Model 1 | January 11, 2016

Brand Awareness: Use a Vehicle Fleet for School or Church Programs

The logistics of running church activities and school programs for youth are often daunting.

Children need convenient and reliable transportation to go to after-school programs, field trips, and to attend community events. With a fleet of vehicles, school or church organizations are able to efficiently transport groups and advertise their mission at the same time.

Vans or shuttles with logos, imagery, or slogans on the sides become a moveable billboard around the community. This provides valuable brand awareness for church communities. Once people recognize your fleet of vehicles, they may become interested in volunteering, supporting, or donating to your cause. It also makes the vehicles more noticeable so that groups can spot each other at crowded events or in parking lots.

With large vehicles, organizations are able to pick up donations and go on errands as a group. It’s simple to organize approved drivers and delegate people to specific vehicles with a fleet. Vehicle check-out lists and program schedules help to ensure that the vehicles are available at the right times. For example, church members are able to volunteer at a local shelter together. Or, youth can attend a local basketball game together in a fleet of vehicles.

It’s also easier to keep track of supplies and coordinate the delivery of items when an organization has a dependable fleet of vehicles in convenient sizes. In addition, maintenance and repairs become more streamlined as an organization becomes more familiar with their fleet of vans, shuttles, or buses.

There are so many possibilities when schools or church programs have their own vehicle fleet. From multi-day camping trips to attending local farmer’s markets, organizations are better prepared to keep track of all the details. In addition, large vehicles provide opportunities for riders to talk and enjoy the scenery during trips.

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