Shuttle Buses: Added Value for Your Students

Model 1 | January 19, 2016

Shuttle Buses: Added Value for Your Students

Students heading to college for the first time (and those well into their college career) highly prize efficient transportation. Many students don’t bring their cars with them to school – or don’t want to pay for gas. This presents an interesting scenario, as students want some freedom and colleges want happy students.

Shuttle buses are a much-loved service provided by many schools so their students can get to where they need to go. Shuttle buses are a necessity for many higher education institutions for a couple of main reasons:

  1. Shuttles provide reliable on-campus transport to different areas of campus

Colleges and universities often have huge campuses with rolling hills, stairs, or long paths to walk. Shuttle buses pick up groups of students at popular stops around campus and drop them off at class buildings or libraries. The schedules of the buses are consistent so that students can easily catch a shuttle bus within 25 to 30 minutes.

  1. Shuttles offer inexpensive and easy off-campus transportation

Student happiness often goes up with the ability to visit places off-campus without too much confusion. Off-campus college shuttle buses typically stop at nearby shopping centers, satellite campuses, and other destinations. This form of transportation also helps students have access to social, educational, or work opportunities off campus.

Shuttle buses are simple and efficient for busy college students to travel significant distances throughout their day. The buses are easy to recognize and safe. In addition to improving the daily quality of life for college students, universities enjoy the seamless transportation schedules that help students get to class on time. The buses also promote school spirit logos and school colors.

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