Three Key Benefits of Shuttles for Senior Citizens

Model 1 | January 25, 2016

Three Key Benefits of Shuttles for Senior Citizens

More and more senior citizens are considering their options when it comes to choosing retirement communities, senior apartments, or retirement homes. The statistics pertaining to senior citizen driving choices are compelling. For example, 80% of seniors in their 70’s experience debilitating symptoms of arthritis and joint pain. Muscles also weaken as people age, which makes it more difficult to drive. The risk of fatalities while driving increases after age 75 and rises significantly after 80.

For these and other reasons, large vehicles driven by professionals for senior citizens offer important safety benefits to seniors and other people on the road:

Helping Seniors Stay Safe

As people get older, it’s difficult to decide when it’s time to let go of driving. Shuttle buses or vans, driven by qualified professionals, give seniors the chance to let go of driving without compromising their ability to shop or go on errands. This keeps senior citizens safer, so they don’t try to hold onto their driver’s license beyond what would be considered appropriate. Senior citizen community vehicles also offer safety features for people who need extra assistance getting in and out of the vehicles.


Just like everyone else, senior citizens like to keep their routines. Shuttle buses and vans let older people go to church services on Sundays, symphony concerts, or attend their weekly social activities. These routines help with transitioning from living at home to living in a senior community. The schedules of the vehicles are often posted in key places throughout the senior citizen communities so that everyone knows when the bus is going to their favorite activity.


When older people move to a senior living apartment, they still enjoy some independence. Shuttle buses and vans give older people the ability to make decisions about where they want to visit around town. Small buses and vans with easily identifiable logos also help advertise their communities and are easy to find by seniors.

Offering shuttle or vehicle driving services at senior citizen communities, homes, or apartments may critical to families trying to decide which option to choose. We sell large vehicles in regions throughout the country, such as Florida, California, and Oregon. Consider the options to rent or buy large vehicles for your business. To learn more about our bus and large vehicle dealership, browse our site or contact us.