Improving Access with New Flyer Buses for Sale

Model 1 | February 12, 2015

Improving Access with New Flyer Buses for Sale

Advances in bus technology have improved accessible options for all passengers. Since the American with Disabilities Act has required public transportation to be accessible, finding a bus for sale without such equipment is not an option for transit agencies. With great success, 99 percent of transit fleets are now accessible for most everyone.

Although buses follow the federal guidelines, certain models cater better to this purpose. Passengers still find transportation inadequate for their needs. No matter the bus make or model, there are key options to look for. Bus design for passengers with limited mobility include the following:

  • Low entrance height
  • Low floor throughout the vehicle
  • Wheelchair ramp with gentle slope
  • Multiple doorways for easy entrance and exit
  • Abundant entry space for maneuverability

Purchasing a low floor bus is a priority for easy access by those with wheelchairs or low mobility. New Flyer has introduced low floor bus models, the Xcelsior and Midi, designed for heavy city use and all passengers. Since low entrance height is a top concern for quick entry and exit, the Xcelsior can kneel to 10” when necessary. Seeing that quick entry and exit is crucial, wheelchair ramps deploy quick. The Midi has a slope of 1:6 while the Xcelsior has an industry leading slope of 1:7.

Space inside and layout also determines ease of use for all passengers. Well designed entryway space and seat layout are crucial to safety and comfort. Excelsior models boast 2” increased entrance size, which can make a big difference during rush hours. Accessible entrances can be installed on front and rear doors to increase traffic flow.

Public transport must be easy to access for all passengers. Without such access features, commuting and travel become frustrating. Safe board and exit can improve customer satisfaction, providing a pleasant ride for everyone on board. Buses for sale, such as the New Flyer, means purchasing accessible options has never been easier.