Buses for Sale with Executive Transportation

Model 1 | February 5, 2015

Buses for Sale with Executive Transportation

Executive transportation providers and small route touring companies need comfortable, stylish vehicles to transport customers. Because executive transportation is not only for limousine, there are mini buses for sale that provide valuable service for groups and business travelers who want upscale help getting around. Small route touring companies need these vehicles to offer a competitive edge and exceed standards.

Buyers want a name that can be recognizable and can offer variety. Two transportation busses come to mind straight away: the Starcraft Xpress & Xpress Executive. These shuttle buses offer variety and uniqueness without compromise comfort.

For executive transportation providers, comfort is a key factor for their travelers. When transporting groups up to 15 people, the Starcraft Xpress Executive has all the amenities travelers desire. These include:

•   Sleek seats designed for looks and comfort

•   Mid or high-back seats with six feet of headroom

•   An upgrade from vans offered to guests in the past

For many, especially in the business community, who travel for meetings the above factors are of extreme importance. What make these buses for sale unique are the standards not found with competitor products. Welded steel cage construction, a host of standard interior options, ease of drive, and maneuverable steering come standard. Drivers can also be much easier to locate when a Commercial Driver’s License is not required.

Small route touring companies also need comfort and want to stand away from competition. The Starcraft Xpress bus provides that. Offering better amenities, the bus is ideal for:

•   Small or medium sightseeing groups

•   Customization with graphics

•   Luggage for every person on tour

•   Superior comfort on journeys


Drivers of these buses will enjoy the experience thanks to ease of power steering, power brakes, cruise control and tilt wheel.

When operating a transportation company for executive transportation service or touring company, luxury and variety can combine with affordability. In executive transportation there are expectations of elegance. Touring companies clients come from diverse backgrounds. Regardless of the clientele, having a Starcraft Xpress is a great tool to lead them to their destination. To explore exciting buses for sale, contact a representative today to provide quality service customers expect.