Concise Guide for the Wheelchair Accessible Van Buyer

Model 1 | January 29, 2015

Concise Guide for the Wheelchair Accessible Van Buyer

Wheelchair accessible van or bus shopping can be a challenge. Add to the mix that the buyer has never purchased a handicap accessible van before and the process can be daunting. Though there are many options, let this post break down some of the most popular options and how to decide amongst them.

Purpose Built

Certain circumstances deem it difficult to convert an already built van or to purchase a van equipped with wheelchair accessible components. For those instances the MV-1 has proven to be a great asset. Built from the ground up to satisfy the needs of wheelchair passengers first, it is a game changer in the wheelchair van industry.

By removing the passenger side front seat, wheelchair users are able to ride comfortably in the vehicle. A swift loading ramp means ambulatory passengers can board the van without having to navigate a wheelchair ramp. Since MV-1 vans are able to seat up to five, there will no restrictions on who can ride along.

When there are people moving, belongings also need to make the journey. Cargo in the rear of vehicle means no one has to leave luggage behind. No matter how it is used, the MV-1 can provide one of the best transportation experiences.

Industry Standard

Braun provides many of the dependable, heavy duty lifts found in today’s buses. Since they know the ins and outs of how to create a superior product on a bus, they translate their know how to smaller capacities. BraunAbility, a division of Braun, provides wheelchair accessible options for a variety of needs. Sturdy and compact, the lift is great as an addition to a standard minivan. The manual ramp BraunAbility provides ensures it will be reliable in most any situation.

Dodge and Toyota are two vehicle makes buyers find most desirable. For buyers already comfortable with the vehicles, a Dodge Caravan or Toyota Sienna built to accommodate a wheelchair may be the way to go. With the familiar controls and ability, drivers can easily transition to operating a wheelchair accessible van.

Braun vans have two main entrance points: side and rear loading. Buyers are given the options to choose which one best suits their needs. For ambulatory passengers, there is seating available for up to six depending on the models available. All Braun vans are FMVSS compliant, making them an ideal choice for transit and individual customers.

Searching for a wheelchair accessible van can be difficult. Knowing what to buy can make the search much less difficult.