The Purpose-Built Wheelchair Accessible Van for Increased Mobility

Model 1 | January 22, 2015

The Purpose-Built Wheelchair Accessible Van for Increased Mobility

Being in a wheelchair presents a myriad of challenges for getting around, but finding a vehicle that is American with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant and wheelchair accessible shouldn’t be one of them. The MV-1 by Mobility Ventures is for handicap passengers who want easy and safe access from a vehicle to luxury features that come standard. Here are some points to consider about MV-1 for increased mobility with handicap vans.


MV-1 vehicles built from the ground up aim to serve passengers with limited mobility. Beginning the design process with the ADA guidelines in mind means these vehicles are road ready when they leave the factory.

Available to All

Produced for commercial and consumer use the van can also be up-fit for taxi services. This means that passengers who need the best wheelchair accessible van transportation can find it for their everyday use. The MV-1 can also seat ambulatory passengers, making it a versatile vehicle for commercial use.

Quality Amenities

The amenities inside the MV-1 set these vehicles apart from any other available. Passengers in wheelchairs can guide themselves into the vehicle and seat themselves next to the driver thanks to the wide doorways and low-step entryways. A universal wheelchair restraint track system integrated into the floor of the MV-1 ensures each wheelchair is compatible. Each MV-1 includes an integrated access ramp with a design load and non-skid coating that meets ADA/CSA-D409-02 vehicle guidelines. To avoid loss of space within the vehicle, the access ramp stores underneath the floor of the vehicle.

Luxurious Standard Features

The MV-1 feels luxurious because of its space and standard features such as:

  • Seating for up to 5 passengers
  • Window tint
  • Comfortable driver’s seat
  • Rear bench seating
  • Power windows and power doors
  • Additional sound absorbing material
  • Minimum 3 year / 36,000 mile warranty

Available Options

Like any vehicle, the MV-1 has a variety of upgraded features for consumers to consider. For instance, the commercial MV-1 offers an optional power ramp is available that deploys two different aspect ratios. The LX Luxury Edition consumer MV-1 has upgraded technological advances such as a two-stage power ramp with one-touch electronic control to make entering and exiting easier than ever. The LX model includes a navigation system for the driver, back-up camera, satellite radio, and Bluetooth connectivity.

Taxis Service

The MV-1 is the first factory direct vehicle that is ADA compliant to meet the needs of taxi passengers. The taxi features an integrated track system that folds under the vehicle to maximize space, and includes space for up to 5 passengers. Because the taxi can also accommodate for non-handicap passengers, the MV-1 option offers taxi services the opportunity to service a wider variety of customers than a standard taxi.

CNG Conversion Option

All models have the option of factory-installed CNG to reduce operating costs and help the environment. Each installation is provides the same quality and satisfaction consumers and fleets demand from their gasoline powered counterparts. CNG vehicles offer a 290-mile range, and CNG fuel costs average 15 to 50 percent per equivalent gallon less than gasoline. Since natural gas reacts different to metals than gasoline, CNG vehicles also need less maintenance.

Passengers who require assistance because of a wheelchair shouldn’t need to worry about getting in and out of vehicles to get around town. The MV-1 is one of the best options available for handicap passengers who want to enjoy the freedom of mobility without fuss. The available options and amenities ensure all passengers enjoy a safe and smooth ride. Adding MV-1 to a fleet will create more opportunities for commercial and taxi companies to service passengers with disabilities. Choosing the CNG option will reduce operating and maintenance costs while helping to keep the environment clean and healthy. The MV-1 is practical purchase for consumer and commercial use to provide safe, reliable transportation for everyone with and without disabilities.