Is Your Airport Prepared?

Model 1 | November 23, 2015

Is Your Airport Prepared?

Many airports have creative ways to transport passengers from check-in points, security areas, terminals, baggage claims, and passenger pick up areas. From subway style trams to monorails and people movers, the days of walking long distances through large airports are over. However, what happens when the transit systems used to transport passengers fail?

This very situation occurred at Denver International Airport on the morning of Thursday, October 29th.  An electrical issue kept the automated trains at the airport from running. These trains are the only way for passengers to get from security to two of the three terminals at the Denver International Airport, as well as back from the arrival gates to baggage claim.

According to the ABC 7 News article “Power Issue Stops Trains at Denver International Airport Thursday Morning” by Michael Smith: “The issue caused some delays for passengers moving between concourses,” Montgomery said. “All passengers were screened at the Arsenal bridge TSA checkpoint during the incident. A bus was used to transport passengers headed to the B and C concourses,” airport officials tweeted.

Passengers lined up to be transported by airport buses and vans and you can imagine the stress and frustration of passengers hoping the technical malfunctions wouldn’t impede on their travel plans. Does your airport have all the buses and vans it needs to transport passengers if your normal system of passenger transit fails? We would be happy to outfit you with the buses and vans you need. Please contact us for the greatest selection of new and used public transportation vehicles.