Our Quick Guide to Vehicle Cleaning

Model 1 | September 9, 2016

Our Quick Guide to Vehicle Cleaning

For fleet operators running a large number of vehicles on a daily basis, a commitment to a comprehensive vehicle cleaning regimen is required for business success. But, few operators have a clear understanding on what cleaning a vehicle involves and how to ensure that larger vehicles are in peak clean condition for use. To help provide expertise on the vehicle cleaning process, our team is presenting their quick guide in this latest post.

Start by Removing the Trash from the Inside

The first step to the cleaning process is to remove any leftover paperwork and other trash that is no longer required from the car. This way you can begin the cleaning work with fresh vehicle surfaces and you won’t have to clean around other objects within your vehicle.

Shampoo Carpets and Upholstery

The carpeting within your vehicle can become damaged by food elements, salt from the wintertime, and moisture during days of high humidity in the summer. It requires comprehensive cleaning with shampoo on a regular basis. Combine a carpet cleaner with a shampoo product to gently clean the carpet and upholstery in the vehicle. This will quickly help you achieve a new vehicle appeal.

Dust Air Vents

One of the reasons many vehicle owners find that their vehicle becomes dirty quickly after they’ve cleaned is that they forget to dust the air vents. Food elements and other contaminants can remain in the vehicle’s vent system while you clean, only to then be pushed throughout the vehicle the moment you turn on the heating or air conditioning. Clean the air vents carefully to help prevent this issue.

Use Essential Oils to Minimize Odors

You may find that, as your vehicle ages, bad odors linger within upholstery and carpeting. To remove these odors, try to use a homemade air freshener with essential oils. This will help to get to the root of the odor and prevent it from further permeating vehicle areas.

Add a Trash Container in the Vehicle

Once the majority of the inside cleaning has been completed, you can now add a trash container to your vehicle. You’ll be amazed the difference this small change can make in keeping the vehicle neat and tidy for the coming months.

Use Soap and Water and a Clean Bucket for the Exterior

Using a clean bucket, mix soap and water and then take a second bucket of water outside with you to the vehicle. You can then clean the vehicle carefully with a soap-soaked sponge, wiping from the roof downwards to remove any dirt or grime on the outside. Use the bucket of clean water as a way to remove dirt build-up on the sponge between wipes.



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