The MV-1 is #1 in Wheelchair Transport

Model 1 | September 29, 2016

The MV-1 is #1 in Wheelchair Transport

For those considering the leading wheelchair vehicles for sale, the MV-1 has become the top option for many types of buyer. It’s critical to work with an established leader for bus sales options when reviewing the leading models and in this latest post our team at Creative Bus Sales highlights the benefits of turning to the MV-1 model when choosing wheelchair vehicles for sale.

Front Seating

A leading issue with many of the older model wheelchair transport vehicles was that they forced the wheelchair user to ride in the back of the vehicle. This can leave the person out of the conversation taking place within the vehicle and make them feel isolated during trips. The MV-1 model is designed to allow wheelchair users to ride safely in the front, providing the ideal front seating space with greater stability due to the placement between the vehicle’s axles.

Increased Durability

Each element of the MV-1 vehicle has been designed to assure lasting performance. The vehicle features a strong architectural structure that supports flexibility when required and high level safety on the road. The vehicle continues to lead the way in terms of both crash safety scores and long-term return on investment for operators.

Greater Comfort

The MV-1 has been designed with a suspension system specifically suited to passengers in wheelchairs. The vehicle features a self-leveling air suspension system that ensures a comfortable ride for all passengers in wheelchairs. This is far superior to traditional suspension systems, which are ill-suited to wheelchair transportation and can lead to the user bouncing around in the vehicle.

One-Touch Ramp Operation

Until recently, operating a ramp in a wheelchair vehicle was a complex task that required both patience and expertise from the user. But the MV-1 allows users to deploy the wheelchair ramp with just the touch of an easily-reached button. The ramp can then easily be rolled up into the vehicle within a quick timeframe through the large opening at the side or back of the vehicle.

The Highest Level of Safety

The MV-1 is the only vehicle within the marketplace to be accessible directly from the factory floor. This means that all accessibility features are fully integrated within the vehicle. It’s also the only vehicle to undergo crash safety testing and safety certification as an accessible vehicle. The MV-1 is built from the bottom-up to support seamless performance and exceptional safety for all users.

The trusted team here at Creative Bus Sales is now available to answer your questions on the leading MV-1 wheelchair vehicles for sale and to guide you in obtaining low cost pricing on the latest models. To learn more, call us now at 888-633-8380.