Solve Wheelchair Transport Issues with the MV-1

Model 1 | June 15, 2016

Solve Wheelchair Transport Issues with the MV-1
  • The MV-1 Mobility Vehicle is a uniquely designed vehicle that caters to the transportation needs of both ambulatory patients and those with mobility challenges. For those who frequently transport wheelchair bound individuals, the need for a transport vehicle that is efficient, dependable, and comfortable is great.


Everything about the MV-1 has been built from the ground up with wheelchair riders in mind. This is in contrast to altering a traditional vehicle to accommodate a wheelchair. In addition to meeting vehicle guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act, here are some advantages offered by these specialized vehicles:

  • Its revolutionary design offers extra-wide passenger door opening
  • The in-floor ramp allows safe entry on the side of the vehicle
  • There is wheelchair space to ride in front
  • The floor-to-ceiling height is nearly five feet, providing ample wiggle room
  • The spacious design allows for easy maneuvering of wheelchairs as well as enough room for two wheelchairs users at a time

Drivers and passengers can be assured about their safety while riding in the MV-1. Each model comes standard with four-wheel anti-lock braking, traction and electronic stability control, and a self-leveling suspension system. Furthermore, the MV-1 passes safety requirements set by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Safety tests completed on the vehicles include crash testing and certification with all accessibility features installed.

The future of MV-1 vehicles is bright. Upcoming models are expected to offer additional benefits such as:

  • A power liftgate to easily load items into the back of vehicle
  • A power passenger door operated by keyless FOB
  • LED headlamps for improved visibility
  • Touch screen radio

Financing options are available through various lenders as well as special grants from some buyers to help with the cost of the vehicle. For more information on the options available to you, contact us today!