5 Reasons to Buy a New Bus This Winter

Model 1 | June 12, 2016

5 Reasons to Buy a New Bus This Winter

Five Reasons to Buy a New Bus This Winter

Winter is not just for holiday shopping and dor buster sales, in fact now is a great time to buy a new bus for your business, school, or city transportation department. Here are just five reasons why you should consider buying a new bus from Creative Bus Sales this winter.



  1. The Tax Benefits

There are highly valuable tax benefits for companies that buy a new bus. Depending on the type of business, you may be able to claim a deduction on your tax bill for part or all of the purchase price of the new vehicles. This could place you in a lower tax bracket, further reducing your overall tax burden this year.

  1. Cash in on Holiday Travel Dollars

Buying a new bus allows you a greater opportunity to take advantage of holiday travel dollars. Traveling by any means during the holidays often means travel delays. By preparing for this time of the year with an additional bus, you can transport a larger number of passengers, thus improving your bottom line and making more money this holiday season.

  1. Shorten Bus Stop Wait Times

No one likes standing out in the cold waiting forever for the next bus to arrive. When you add a new bus to your fleet you can reduce winter wait times and improving customer satisfaction, potentially increasing the number of riders you get this season.

  1. Upgrade to Alternative Fuels

Buying a new bus this winter is also a great time to begin converting your fleet to alternative fuels. Using alternative fuel saves your business a lot of money over the life of your bus. Not only is alternative fuel often cheaper than standard gas or diesel, but it also performs better in cold weather and maintenance is often less than traditional vehicles. Alternative fuel may also enable you to take advantage of additional tax incentives on the state and federal levels.

  1. Reduce Dependency on Outside Bus Rentals

Many organizations could benefit from buying a new bus from Creative Bus Sales. Clubs, charities, churches, and schools could reduce their dependency on outside bus rentals by purchasing one themselves. For organizations who use rental buses several times a year, the savings and tax breaks can quickly add up.


To learn more about why winter is a great time to buy a new bus, or to request information on new buses for sale,please contact or call 800.326.2877 to speak one of our experts at Creative Bus Sales!