Surprise Uses for Alternative Buses Around the Globe

Model 1 | November 30, 2016

Surprise Uses for Alternative Buses Around the Globe

This Week Our Team Takes a Look at the Alternative Uses for Buses Around the Globe

While the latest buses are offering public transit users seamless travel across their cities, new applications are being devised for buses to improve the lives of worldwide users. Our team here at Creative Bus Sales is expert in bus performance and in this latest post our sales team highlights the alternative uses for buses around the globe.

The Human Waste Bus

In England, researchers have been able to create a vehicle that runs solely on methane derived from human waste. The Avonmouth Sewage Plant in Bristol is now powering the bus while producing 17m cubic meters of bio-methane each year. Fleets of buses are now running off food and bio waste. This may be enough to power thousands of vehicles in the future and highlight the unique value that waste products can bring as an alternative to traditional fuel.

Self-Driving Buses

In regions throughout the globe, companies are now developing self-driving buses that remove the need for a human driver. Like self-driving cars such as those for sale by Tesla, the self-driving buses are designed with the potential to improve safety and allow for superior transit options. One such initiative is taking place in Washington, DC, where Local Motors is introducing it’s new self-driving bus – the Olli. The bus is miniature in size compared with city buses and can transport 12 people throughout city streets. On-board passengers will be able to communicate with the bus, asking its intelligence system questions on routes and recommendations on local destinations. The bus is powered by the IBM Watson cloud-based cognitive technology and is generating great interest from cities across the U.S. as the evolution of automated driving systems continues.

Bus Tours

Another one of the alternative uses for today’s city bus is bus tours. Many cities are now moving their older fleet models away from regular routes and toward tour operations to help drive tourism across the area. Tour buses hold unique value to cities as they can be used for short trips while ensuring that all city buses are available for their regular routes in supporting city-wide transit requirements. Cities across the country are now integrating their older buses within tour options. Consider for example the Solar Bus, which was a school bus used in California until 2003. Since then the bus has been converted for use on biodiesel and is driven to festivals and other events to educate people about the benefits of alternative fuels.

We need to make changes in the way we use fuel and even more so for our pockets.

There’s a full array of applications for both new and used bus systems. To discover more on the latest developments in the marketplace and the leading buses for sale, speak with our experts today at 800.326.2877.