Tips for Safe Winter Bus Travel

Model 1 | December 14, 2021

Taking a bus in the winter comes with extra challenges for passengers, not just operators. The cold weather affects many aspects of the transportation experience, from the comfort level inside the vehicle to the timeliness of the bus arrival. Use the following tips to improve the winter bus travel experience.

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Plan for Delays and Changes of Schedule

Winter weather can cause buses to run behind schedule. Too much snow or ice on the road, for example, can force vehicles to travel at a slower speed. This can cause traffic jams and delays.

Always check the bus schedule before you leave home to get the most up-to-date expected arrival time. In cases of severe winter weather, the route may even need to be canceled or changed. Look up the current route plan and adjust your plan as needed. You may need to head to a different bus stop or leave at a different time. The more in advance you check the schedule, the easier it will be to make the needed adjustments.

Don’t forget to also give yourself more time to get to the bus stop. The snow and ice can slow you down too!

Dress in Layers

Waiting at a bus stop inevitably means standing out in the cold. Make sure to wear a well-insulated waterproof jacket to keep you cozy. It’s also wise to wear cold-weather accessories, such as gloves, a scarf, a hat, and snow boots.

Once you get on a heated bus, however, you can become uncomfortably warm. Dress in layers so that you can remove the unneeded items and stay comfortable. It helps to have a bag to place these layers into, such as a large purse or backpack.

Wait Further Away From the Curb

As the bus approaches the stop, it could hit a patch of ice and start sliding. Be sure to step back from the curb and wait safely on the sidewalk in case this happens.

Board the Bus Carefully

Most buses are equipped with non-slip floors and features. But these can still be slippery thanks to the moisture left behind by melted snow. Step carefully onto the bus and use the handrails while boarding.

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