Transit Agency Buses for Sale: Product Guide I

Model 1 | March 19, 2015

Transit Agency Buses for Sale: Product Guide I

Bus ridership increases when a transit group offers convenient, compelling, and comfortable options for passengers. Comfortable buses even help to increase tourism or overall transit riders if the passengers prefer them to other transit options. In fact, the buses profiled can dramatically help increase speed, efficiency, total passengers and revenue.

To choose a bus buyers must choose from a variety of features. Good transit buses offer convenience, comfort and a healthy impression of the organization or firm. More buyers are also choosing medium sized buses that can seat around 25 passengers. These buses are great for local, specialty routes or disabled patrons and are much quicker at navigating city roads.

New Flyer for Transit

There are three new transit buses for sale that provide good value for buyers depending on their needs. MiDi from New Flyer is an efficient bus that offers tremendous value and a lifetime guarantee. The transit bus is available in 30′ or 35′ lengths with spacious interiors and standardized parts for easy maintenance and repair. Multiple spacious seating arrangements for ambulatory passengers and disabled passengers are available. Groups also maximize efficiency by choosing a wheelchair ramp, one door or two doors. This is one of the only mid-sized buses on the market with such versatility.

Low Floor Accessibility

The Spirit of Mobility from Arboc is a one of a kind bus that has a patented entranceway to surprise and delight ambulatory and disabled passengers. A sloped entrance ramp stretches up to 5 feet from the curb, allowing the bus plenty leeway in picking up passengers. The simple, accessible entranceway makes loading and unloading passengers much quicker, which increases route efficiency.

This medium sized bus is also extremely durable and comfortable. Fortunately, the Arboc transit bus can accommodate several different seating arrangements including wheelchair space and luggage space. Configurations include seating between 14 and 22 persons. Great standard features include inside LED lighting, entrance ramp, extra egress window on the front drive side and different formatting with up to 8 wheelchair spaces.

Versatility En Route

The Titan-II LF by Glaval Bus is another popular transit bus that is getting rave reviews from passengers and transit agencies alike. This transit bus comes in a remarkable array of standard configurations. Options range from 3 wheelchair spots and 9 seated passengers to 5 wheelchair positions and 17 seated passengers. It is perhaps the most versatile bus on the market. The Titan-II also comes with cruise control, power steering, and a 5 year / 100,000 mile limited warranty among many other features.

These three vehicles provide a strong value proposition for potential owners.They provide durability, reliability, efficiency and convenience. By providing standards passengers expect, ridership can increase and meet current rider expectations. No matter the features a transit group is looking for, the transit buses available can provide excellent value.