Transit Agency Buses for Sale: Product Guide Part II

Model 1 | March 26, 2015

Transit Agency Buses for Sale: Product Guide Part II

Much has happened over the last half-decade in the world of transit buses. Todays bus models are more lightweight and maneuverable than their bulkier predecessors. Increased efficiency, flexible seating plans, and better storage options are just a few amenities offered. These three exciting models to discuss have much to offer the transit provider and rider.

Small Bus, Many Features

Aerolite models might be small but have many big features to offer, like an additional six inches of headroom compared to traditional passenger vans. An innovative cutaway design makes passengers feel less confined and tinted glass increases rider’s comfort from harsh sunlight.

Different floor plans to accommodate up to 14 passengers are available for the nineteen, twenty and twenty-one foot models. Built with solid, steel-reinforced construction, testing showed superior resistance to side and rear impact including a composite that resists rust and corrosion. Using an ElDorado for transit needs will ensure the route operation for years to come.

Startrans for Durability

Startrans Senator II transit buses come packed with plenty of features, and popular option highlights.  Part of the Startrans line of quality coaches, their commitment to excellence highlights three distinct areas, design, durability and attention to detail.

When it comes to design, six different floor plans offer seating for up to twenty-five passengers, most with luggage and areas for handicapped seating and optional ADA compliant lift. Customizable features include high-back chairs, upholstery padded walls and cloth lined ceilings.

These buses durability is second to none, as each bus comes backed with a five-year, 75,000-mile structural warranty. Attention to detail provides extra-wide aisles and doorways that offer uncommon accessibility, while spacious luggage racks and oversized windows offer the best in passenger comfort.

Elkhart ECII for Variety

Elkhart coaches also come equipped with many popular features. Popular optional equipment includes ADA compliant packages, stainless steel wheel inserts and DVD player with flip down monitor. Drivers will also appreciate cruise control and adjustable tilt steering wheel.

The floor plans available on the Elkhart, include occupancy for up to twenty-five and can contain two wheelchair spaces. Agencies can also select perimeter seating, or a front or rear wheelchair lift depending on preference. Built on a solid Chevrolet or Ford chassis, the electronic, six-speed automatic transmission really delivers.

Sales of these unique buses are perfect for busy transit routes or smaller specialty routes. The applications within a transit environment are near endless and buyers will be pleased with the options. When it comes down to quality, comfort, performance, style and dependability look no further.