Ways to Save Money on Gas

Model 1 | September 24, 2015

Gas prices are always a major topic of discussion when it comes to maintaining your vehicle. We want you to enjoy your beach days and road trips, but we don’t want you sweating at the pump. Here are some tips to keep in mind which will definitely save you a few bucks at the gas station.

Midweek Refuel

Buying gas at the coolest part of the day, like evenings and nights, prevents gas evaporation which holds gas in your tank longer. Studies show that gas station owners typically raise the price of gas on Thursday nights to make a profit on the weekend traffic. Try to fill your tank up early on in the week, or even on Wednesdays.


According to Popular Mechanics, the aerodynamic drag the vehicle has to pull through is the reason why it requires less fuel to jump from a lower speed of 40 to 60, rather than a higher speed of 60 to 80. This is perfect for those back road drives with lots of scenery.

Drive Smart

When your vehicle, especially larger vehicles like SUVs, trucks, and busses, are at a standstill, or even when its warming up, you shouldn’t leave your engine sitting idle. Running the engine, even for a few minutes, wastes more gasoline than restarting the engine. Also, it’s a common misconception that what you carry around doesn’t affect the drainage of fuel from your tank. More cushion for the pushin’ right? Wrong. Someone once said that for every extra 250 pounds, your tank eats up an extra mile per gallon.

Also, you should consider using your mobile device for apps like “GasBuddy” to help you locate the cheapest gas in your area. Contact us for more tips and techniques for saving money at the gas station and more information on fuel efficiency.