Vehicle Fleets for Retirement and Assisted Living Communities

Model 1 | September 15, 2015

Vehicle Fleets for Retirement and Assisted Living Communities

With increasing numbers of active retirees and the growth of retirement and assisted living facilities comes the need to provide dependable, safe transportation options.  It’s not just a convenience — it’s a practical and necessary consideration.  An in-house vehicle fleet designed specifically with your community’s needs in mind serves your residents’ best interests…and it’s a solid investment.

Accessibility and Safety Matters

Be sure your shuttle and bus transportation works for you, and for your residents.  Are you satisfied with the quality of service your vehicles offer?  Are you able to provide dependable, reliable transportation?  Is your current system flexible enough to meet your needs?

What are Your Options?

Shuttle buses provide ideal transportation and storage options for up to 25 passengers, giving you flexibility and ease of use while also providing comfort and convenience.   Cutaway models allow for wheelchair lifts or ramps.

Handicap vans and wheelchair buses (between 19 and 40 feet in length) are available in front- or rear-door access configurations, and are available with either gas or diesel options.  Depending on the model, you may elect to convert your bus and shuttle fleet to alternative fuel sources, such as CNG (compressed natural gas), propane, and hybrid systems.

Should you require fully ambulatory transportation, wheelchair access, or a combination of both, our vehicles are fully ADA compliant.  Wheelchair lifts and customizable seating configurations accommodate your residents’ needs and provide them with ample storage and luggage racks.  There is no need to sacrifice comfort or utility with our buses.

Your residents will benefit from easier access to community events, shopping, doctor appointments, and the knowledge that their needs, safety and mobility are a priority.

Customize Your Fleet Based on Your Needs

Whether you’re looking to transport seven or 37 passengers, Creative Bus Sales offers the perfect fit for your needs. Find out more about retirement and healthcare buses contact Creative Bus Sales for all the bus needs.