What Really Makes New Luxury Buses for Sale So Luxurious?

Model 1 | February 19, 2017

What Really Makes New Luxury Buses for Sale So Luxurious?

What Really Makes New Luxury Buses for Sale So Luxurious?

When it comes to long-distance travel, many customers are willing to pay a little extra for additional features and greater comfort, which is what the new luxury buses for sale by Creative Bus Sales offer in abundance. But what does it mean when a bus claims to be a luxury bus?

Luxury Means an Abundance of Comfort

Ample comfort is the core of luxury buses and the new Berkshire Coach 2017 Ultra 28 Series takes comfort to a whole new level. Seating and climate control are the two main factors influencing a vehicle’s overall comfort level. High backed, luxury upholstered seating provides riders with a comfortable ride, while ensuring plenty of leg room. The newest Berkshire Coach comes standard with a powerful 90,000 BTU HVAC system to ensure better temperature control.

Cutting Edge Technology

Besides comfort,new luxury buses for sale also offer the latest technologies. The Berkshire Coach at Creative Bus Sales, for example, comes standard with cutting edge features, such as:

Extra Features for Extra Luxury

At Creative Bus Sales, our new luxury buses can be customized to meet your company’s needs, including adding extra amenity features to further pamper your passengers. Consider including  on-board customization amenities to luxuriate your clients with features luxurious not available in standard buse. TV’s can also be installed for entertainment and blackout windows allow your passengers to relax in style. Optional tables and light panels complete the full package, providing the ultimate in comfort.

Elegant Style for Maximum Luxury

Luxury goes beyond simply improving passenger comfort. Image plays a large role in the overall feel or ‘experience of luxury vehicles’.  of the vehicles. The new luxury buses for sale at Creative Bus Sales offer all the comfort you have come to expect in a beautifully, or beautiful, elegant package. Sleek lines, rich upholstery, and simulated wood flooring come together with state-of-the-art technologies and the latest in comfort to create these standards of luxury.

Alternative Fuel Engines Available

While not exclusive to luxury buses, most of the buses at Creative Bus Sales can be converted to use cleaner burning, less expensive fuels such as propane, CNG, and bio-fuel.

To learn more about the features of new luxury buses for sale,please contact the knowledgeable staff at Creative Bus Sales today.