Why Think About Buying a Mini Bus?

Model 1 | February 4, 2014

Why Think About Buying a Mini Bus?

When planning a trip with many people, carpooling can be an unwanted hassle. People want to opportunity to ride and arrive at their destination together. Many think a bus is not an option, due to size and maneuverability. A mini bus is an ideal option for those looking to transport small groups of people, and even their belongings. As with any large purchase, it will take careful consideration to decide whether or not a mini bus is a desirable purchase.

Commercial Driver’s License

Depending on the model, it may not be necessary for the bus driver to obtain a Commercial Driver’s License. This could mean big savings on time and money by not having to pass examinations. Theoretically, a driver could start transporting tomorrow if the right mini bus is chosen. Requirements vary by state, but typically a vehicle under 26,000 lbs or seating less than 15 passengers can by driven by anyone with a standard driver’s license. Many mini buses will seat between 7 and 14 passengers with handicap accessible options. Be sure to check on a state’s requirements by clicking here before making the final purchase.


Mini buses were designed to be much smaller than their larger shuttle or tour bus counterparts. While good for larger groups, some buyers will never need to transport 30 passengers in one haul. With a smaller group, the bus size overall becomes smaller. Thanks to their compact size, a shorter overall length and height, these buses are easier to maneuver through small streets and winding corners. The length on a mini bus may not even exceed 21 feet, meaning it’s only about 5 feet longer than the average car. The bus will have more parking options and drop off points, ensuring passengers will be glad to arrive at their destination.


Drivers want to keep their passengers safe under a variety of conditions. Fender benders, unexpected weather conditions, or a side collision can all cause harm to passengers and drivers. With a sturdier body and better chassis stability, buses are less likely to roll over or be damaged in an accident. Moreover, mini buses are a safer option than standard 15-passenger vans. Deemed unsafe by the National Highway Safety Administration, 15-passenger vans have a high rollover rate. Responsible transporters should consider the safety of their passengers when looking to purchase any vehicle.

Remember that simply stepping inside a bus may be difficult for some passengers. Buses can be equipped with grab rails at the entrance to ensure safe entry and exit for all, no matter their age.


Potential buyers want to option to personalize their bus. Mini buses may already be equipped with superb upholstery, rear luggage, and safety equipment. However, buyers may want to add indoor luggage racks, grab rails, video systems, or any number of option combination. Once communicated to the salesperson, these options are a cinch to complete. The salesperson will be familiar with the body of the bus and can let the buyer know which options can be achieved. Whether it’s a simple addition or layout overhaul buyers want a professional to do the task. With Creative’s service department, it’s a sure bet that quality work will go into the outfit.

Another consideration is the addition of graphics to the bus exterior. Graphics can add a more professional look to a bus or simply aware people of the bus services. With the right message, a bus can be a great, and mobile, communication tool.

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