Advantages of Owning a Luxury Bus

Model 1 | January 28, 2014

Advantages of Owning a Luxury Bus

Buying a luxury bus can be a great investment for an established company. The purchase of a specialty vehicle can boost service offerings for patrons and increase revenue for the company. Figuring out regular uses for your luxury bus doesn’t need to be confusing. In this post, we’ll look at a few options companies have in being able to expand their current operations with the use of a luxury bus.

Increased Revenue Stream

Owning a luxury bus can increase the number of people you’re able to host at one event. A standard limo may only be able to hold twelve people at most, leaving many people to find their own transportation to and from an event. By being to transport more people in one spot, you’ll increase your group size for nearby events.

Safer Transport

You want your patrons to be as safe as possible, while also allowing them to enjoy themselves. Giving your patrons the benefit of a driver who knows the area, and can transport patrons when they want to relax for an evening instead of stressing about who will drive. Your guests will thank you for thinking about them.

Keep The Group Together

Limited seating in a town car or standard limo may keep certain patrons from riding together during a wedding or formal event. Keeping the group together in a limo bus will allow patrons the convenience of knowing everyone will arrive on time. Of course, one less stressed guest can only equal benefits for you and your employees. Keeping everyone together also cuts down cost of business by only having to hire one driver, and manage one vehicle for an event instead of two or three.

Host Large Events

If you host a lot of out of town guests, a luxury bus will be a great addition. Your patrons may not know the area, but still want to see the local sights and attend a concert or maybe a basketball game. Keep them from having to rent a car and offer services to transport them to and from their desired events. Taking care of the detail work for them will allow patrons to relax and enjoy, instead of stressing about the details of booking

Ease of Transport

Standard limos are low to the ground, causing people to have to duck in and out to enter and exit the vehicle. Limo buses and specialty vans are raised off the ground, making it easy for guests to enter and exit no matter what they are wearing or their mobility level. A smaller luxury bus or van may also be more mobile and easier to park for your driver. Some limos are hard to navigate in smaller areas due to their length, but a shorter bus or van will allow for better maneuverability. Depending on the model you choose, it may be possible to transport upwards of 39 people with one vehicle. You’re also able to transport as little as 14 passengers with options for luggage.

When considering adding a luxury bus to your fleet or business don’t focus on the initial expense, but think about how a luxury bus can increase your offerings. You’ll start seeing profits almost right away, and that profit will increase as long as you market and advertise to your customers.