Four Ways to Avoid Costly Technical Problems with Your Bus Fleet

Model 1 | June 6, 2017

Four Ways to Avoid Costly Technical Problems with Your Bus Fleet

Four Essential Ways to Avoid Costly Technical Problems with Your Bus Fleet This Year

Repairs on your bus fleet can be expensive. Creative Bus Sales is here to help you avoid some of these costly repairs this summer. Technical problems can bring your bus route to a screeching halt and leave your driver and passengers on the side of the road. Preventing the need for costly repairs is the best way to save money on the maintenance of your fleet.

Here are four simple things you can do to prolong the life of your fleet and get the most miles out of new buses for sale.

Mindful Use

Likely the best way to reduce unnecessary repairs is to drive the buses properly, to begin with. Make sure each driver is properly trained in the correct operation of your fleet. Poor driving habits, like grinding gears or hard braking, can create costly damages that could take the bus off the road permanently. Taking the time to certify and observe drivers could help save you money in the long run. Also be mindful when planning your route to think of traffic times and possible dangers. Bad road conditions and extended distances can also cause damage to your bus.

Enforce Daily Maintenance Checks 

While the engine is still cold, drivers should go over their bus to ensure everything is in proper working order. Create a checklist to be completed before the tires even hit the road.

Tips on things to make sure to check:

  • fluid levels (oil, washer fluid, transmission, coolant)
  • tire pressure and tread level
  • all inside and outside lights
  • ensure proper safety features in working order (like the door lock!)

Spending a few moments each morning looking over your fleet can alert you to problems as soon as they come up, allowing you to fix them quickly before they grow into expensive repairs.

Unique Weather Consideration

Rats, mice, cats, and other small creatures are drawn to the warm, cozy engine of many buses come winter and can cause havoc within the inner workings. Rats and mice are particularly bad as they tend to chew electrical wires. If pests are a problem in your area, consider having a qualified pest control specialist evaluate your options to prevent pests from moving into your fleet.

Do Not Skip Regular Service

It may be tempting to postpone the regular maintenance service of your fleet, but don’t do it. It’s especially tempting when they are running just fine or you recently looked into other buses for sale. However, procrastination can actually cost you a lot more because invisible problems can grow into major issues. Regular maintenance can spot these tiny issues and correct them cheaper than if you had waited.

Building your fleet is an investment in your business and you should work hard to protect those assets by ensuring they get the services they need. To learn more about the importance of maintaining your buses or to request information about buses for sale, please contact the team at Creative Bus Sales today!